CSA 2015: Week 15

CSA 2015: Week 15 // @nicoledula

All the squashes! I’m going to be busy roasting this week. It’s the last week of the season and it’s sad to see it go, but it was great. I plan on sipping apple cider bourbon drinks on the porch and enjoy this Indian summer while these guys all roast away in the oven. Kale and beets are going into morning smoothies, because I love a good beet smoothie. Thanks for following along this season! This week we received: butternut squash, acorn squash, delicata squash, spaghetti squash, pie pumpkin, beets, lettuce, italian parsley, Valencia onion, apples and kale.

Food Adventure // Bon Bon Bon Chocolate Making Class

Bon Bon Bon Chocolate Making Class in Hamtramck, Michigan // @nicoledula

Last week, my friend MyThy texted me that Bon Bon Bon had chocolate making classes available at their Hamtramck location. I looked at the schedule and of course, chose the first available class. We also asked Amy if she could possibly pry herself away from her adorable little babe for a few hours and she came, too! Alex and Margie set up six stations with the ingredients to make different bons and everyone partnered up. We had everything to make #2 High Tea – earl grey tea dark chocolate ganache + hemp seed nougat + smoke sugar + cornflower petals, #23… Continue reading

Vegetarian Taco Pasta Salad

Vegetarian Taco Pasta Salad Recipe // @nicoledula

First of all, hey! Vacation is way over and I’m back at it. Back at it plus Marc and I started kickboxing! A new studio opened up near our house and this morning we had our third class, at 5:45 am (big eyes emoji). It’s going really well. I love how I feel after class and I’m learning so much. Hopefully we can keep this going! Maybe I was still high on endorphins from last Saturday’s class, but it was the most beautiful day! It was sunny, warm and perfect for the barbecue we had planned. We invited Marc’s cousin, Chris, and… Continue reading

CSA 2015: Week 14

CSA 2015: Week 14 // @nicoledula

Only one more CSA share left next week and the season is over. I added the thyme to sliced portabella mushrooms and cooked them in the skillet until they were soft and fragrant. Mushrooms + thyme are the perfect match. I plan on frying the sage in olive oil because it’s so good that way. The red onion went into a pasta salad recipe that I’m sharing tomorrow. The kale is going in smoothies and the carrots, parsnips and spaghetti squash will be roasted. I’m thinking potato salad for the potatoes or maybe a pizza with thinly sliced potatoes. The… Continue reading

Travel // Traverse City, Michigan 2015

BLK/MRKT Coffee in Traverse City, Michigan // @nicoledula

This is the third time we’re visiting Traverse City and it just gets more beautiful every time. The wine, the food, the friendly people, the lakes, it all drew us back. This time we took a few side-trips, too, and I wanted to share what we did with you. Links to everything we did is at the bottom of this monster post. Monday On Monday we arrived in Traverse City around 5 o’clock and went up the Old Mission Peninsula for some wine tastings before they closed. We started at 2 Lads Winery because they closed at 6 and it’s always… Continue reading

CSA 2015: Week 13

CSA 2015: Week 13 // @nicoledula #csa

I gave our last 2 boxes to a friend while I was on vacation and came home to this colorful bunch of produce. I missed it! The beets and greens are going into morning smoothies and I made this buttered cabbage with sausage on the side for dinner one night. The tomatoes and peppers have been eaten raw in their perfectly ripe state. I’ll be roasting the delicata squash soon. Have a great weekend! This week we received: swiss chard, red beets, eggplant, delicata squash, cabbage, tomatoes, onion and red peppers.

Marinated Summer Squash

Marinated Summer Squash Recipe // @nicoledula

Michigan cannot decide if it’s summer or fall right now with swings in temperature from 90 degrees to low 60’s and then back up to 80. That’s fine with me because I can’t decide if I’m ready to let summer go, either. I spent last weekend with my sister in law and we walked around the Ann Arbor farmers market under gray skies with our jackets on. We still saw basil, tomatoes, corn and summer squash, so I guess it’s not too crazy to share this recipe in September. I feel like many of us end up with extra zucchini or summer… Continue reading

Plum + Apricot Summer Tiramisu

Plum + Apricot Summer Tiramisu Recipe // @nicoledula

My retired neighbor that lives behind us has started throwing buckets of bird seed on the ground and in the middle of her backyard. I’ve never seen this approach to feeding birds before. I get a view into her retired days through my kitchen window because I’m often in the kitchen. Now a few mornings a week, there are more black birds than I can count ascending on our neighborhood, swooping in and out in coordinated hoards. It’s like a Hitchcock film or Game of Thrones, depending on how far back you like to take your references. My sister-in-law is frightened… Continue reading

CSA 2015: Week 10

CSA 2015: Week 10 // @nicoledula #csa

This week’s box was the best one yet. Full of tomatoes, beans, greens and the best of summer. A few nights ago I made butter chicken and used 3-4 cups of fresh tomatoes instead of canned. I plan on steaming or baking the green beans as an easy side. The lettuce will be used for a dinner salad with vinaigrette and maybe some seared paneer cheese. Still completely in love with the dragon carrots. This week we received: Deadon cabbage, green beans, dragon carrots, butterhead lettuce, summer squash, Tuscan kale, tomatoes, Valencia onion, green onions, parsley and cilantro.

Sour Cherry + Yellow Plum Galette

Sour Cherry + Yellow Plum Galette Recipe // @nicoledula

I make at least one galette every summer with the prettiest summer fruit I can find. This time I found sour cherries and little yellow plums. I use my favorite pâte brisée and I always make a double batch. An extra pie crust in the freezer is a beautiful thing. In an effort to not overwork the dough, I left some cracks in the dough and I had a major leak of all the wonderful juices. The galette still tasted delicious, but it’s tastier when the juices bubble up and get thick among the fruit. And cleaning up burnt fruit… Continue reading