Plum + Apricot Summer Tiramisu

Plum + Apricot Summer Tiramisu Recipe // @nicoledula

My retired neighbor that lives behind us has started throwing buckets of bird seed on the ground and in the middle of her backyard. I’ve never seen this approach to feeding birds before. I get a view into her retired days through my kitchen window because I’m often in the kitchen. Now a few mornings a week, there are more black birds than I can count ascending on our neighborhood, swooping in and out in coordinated hoards. It’s like a Hitchcock film or Game of Thrones, depending on how far back you like to take your references. My sister-in-law is frightened… Continue reading

CSA 2015: Week 10

CSA 2015: Week 10 // @nicoledula #csa

This week’s box was the best one yet. Full of tomatoes, beans, greens and the best of summer. A few nights ago I made butter chicken and used 3-4 cups of fresh tomatoes instead of canned. I plan on steaming or baking the green beans as an easy side. The lettuce will be used for a dinner salad with vinaigrette and maybe some seared paneer cheese. Still completely in love with the dragon carrots. This week we received: Deadon cabbage, green beans, dragon carrots, butterhead lettuce, summer squash, Tuscan kale, tomatoes, Valencia onion, green onions, parsley and cilantro.

Sour Cherry + Yellow Plum Galette

Sour Cherry + Yellow Plum Galette Recipe // @nicoledula

I make at least one galette every summer with the prettiest summer fruit I can find. This time I found sour cherries and little yellow plums. I use my favorite pâte brisée and I always make a double batch. An extra pie crust in the freezer is a beautiful thing. In an effort to not overwork the dough, I left some cracks in the dough and I had a major leak of all the wonderful juices. The galette still tasted delicious, but it’s tastier when the juices bubble up and get thick among the fruit. And cleaning up burnt fruit… Continue reading

CSA 2015: Week 9

CSA 2015: Week 9 // @nicoledula #csa

I hope you had a great weekend. Ours included a beautiful family wedding and a fun pool party the next day. I made my favorite potato salad with the pretty blue potatoes and I roasted the beets and tossed them in a lemon vinaigrette for an easy side dish. I’ve been eating the tomatoes raw with salt and pepper because they are magnificent. I savor summer’s tomatoes because I’ve given up on fresh tomatoes when they aren’t in season. Kathryn posted these amazing-looking Sweet Corn and Black Bean Tacos just when I needed a recipe for black beans. The black beans are currently on the stove… Continue reading

Basil Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Basil Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Recipe // @nicoledula #recipe

Basil and summer go together like pb&j. I’ve been putting basil in dressings + pesto + salad, but my food brain wanted more. When we were in Nashville we had a mini strawberry pie with anise ice cream at 5th and Taylor. I am typically not drawn to anise-flavored things, but that barely sweet strawberry pie with rich anise ice cream was a delight. And when I saw a recipe for basil chip ice cream in Bon Appétit, I felt like the anise-like flavors in the basil would be a similar treat. It’s creamy and sweet with the herbaceous basil and bitter dark chocolate… Continue reading

CSA 2015: Week 8

CSA 2015: Week 7 // @nicoledula #csa

It’s that magical time in our CSA when we get those gorgeous dragon carrots. They’re the prettiest! I plan to either slice them for a salad or I might roast them with the beets. The tomatoes and basil went into a caprese salad for dinner one night and also ended up in this Halloumi + Melon Salad. And I have a recipe for Basil Chocolate Chip Ice Cream coming up next week, too! Basil: making summer dreams come true. This week we received: tomatoes, dragon carrots, romaine lettuce, red cabbage, swiss chard, beets, tuscan kale, summer squash and basil.

Summer Halloumi + Melon Salad

Summer Halloumi + Melon Salad Recipe // @nicoledula #csa #vegeatarian

Ah, summer. The time of year when a salad like this is dinner and everyone is happy ’bout it. This salad is inspired by one I had at Selden Standard recently with seared halloumi, cantaloupe, fresh snap peas and radish. Fresh snap peas were hard to find last weekend and I wasn’t about to mince radishes, so I picked up what was fresh and pretty at the farmers market. Namely baby heirloom tomatoes, green beans and basil. The whole salad is drizzled with a sharp citronette to make the cantaloupe savory/sweet and the golden cheese is even better with a hit… Continue reading

Green Beauty Favorites // Moisturizer + Exfoliant + Antiage

Green Beauty Favorites // Moisturizer + Exfoliant + Antiage // @nicoledula

It’s been a while since I shared my green beauty favorites and I have new ones for you! I hate wasting money on beauty products that just don’t work and if you’re looking for products without junk in them, the prices are usually higher and it’s even more frustrating when they don’t work. I’ve gathered my favorite moisturizing/exfoliating/anti-aging products that are working for me and are free of parabens and mystery ingredients. Daytime Face Moisturizer/Anti-Age/Sunscreen In the morning, I use a pump of Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum and rub it on my face and neck. Next, I put 2 drops of Cecilia Wong… Continue reading

Smoked Blue Cheese Dressing

Smoked Blue Cheese Dressing Recipe // @nicoledula

All of the stars aligned to make this recipe happen. I had plenty of green lettuce in the house and one of the heads from my CSA was a better version of iceberg, which always makes me think of bacon and blue cheese dressing. I went to Whole Foods and spent some quality time in the cheese department and saw that Roth Kase’s Moody Blue, a smoked blue cheese dressing, was on sale. I could smell the smoke through the plastic wrap. It intrigued me and then the cheese sign said, “For salads that wish they had bacon.” Then it… Continue reading

CSA 2015: Week 6

CSA 2015: Week 6 // @nicoledula #csa

The produce was so pretty this week! I made lots of beautiful salads and cooked some swiss chard on the side of peppery scrambled eggs for breakfast. I’m giving next week’s share to a good friend because my little nephew was born this morning at 1 am on his due date (how thoughtful!) and I’m going to visit him tomorrow! No veggies next week, but we’ll be back at it soon. Have a great weekend. This week we received: red iceberg lettuce, black seeded simpson lettuce, snap peas, kale, swiss chard, broccoli, summer squash, beets and basil.