CSA 2015: Week 6

CSA 2015: Week 6 // @nicoledula #csa

The produce was so pretty this week! I made lots of beautiful salads and cooked some swiss chard on the side of peppery scrambled eggs for breakfast. I’m giving next week’s share to a good friend because my little nephew was born this morning at 1 am on his due date (how thoughtful!) and I’m going to visit him tomorrow! No veggies next week, but we’ll be back at it soon. Have a great weekend. This week we received: red iceberg lettuce, black seeded simpson lettuce, snap peas, kale, swiss chard, broccoli, summer squash, beets and basil.

Diner-Style Blueberry Pancakes

Diner-Style Blueberry Pancakes Recipe // @nicoledula

This summer is flying by, right? The weekends have been fun, but busy. Sometimes while we run errands, we’ll have a quick breakfast at one of the local diners. Some are better than others and I judge a good one by the quality of their pancakes. One place in particular, Ken’s Cozy Cafe, could be in an episode of Golden Girls with their Floridian pink and aqua booths, but boy do they make a good pancake. A pancake that dares to hang over the edge of the plate it’s served on. I posted a pic of Ken’s pancakes on Instagram one morning and there… Continue reading

CSA 2015: Week 5 + Creamy Vegan Lemon Basil Dressing

CSA 2015: Week 5 + Creamy Vegan Lemon Basil Dressing Recipe // @nicoledula #csa

Whoa, so I posted a steak salad on Instagram Tuesday night and people were ALL ABOUT that creamy lemon basil dressing. Today’s the day I’m sharing! Again, we have lots of lettuce from our CSA and that means lots of salads. I have my favorite dressings, but I’m always ready to try another. I still had basil from last week’s CSA and I was strangely not in the mood for pesto. I was thinking about this Raspberry Basil Vinaigrette that we love, but instead made this creamy vegan lemon basil dressing. It’s blends up really creamy and it tastes like summer. The recipe is… Continue reading

Food Adventure // Gold Cash Gold in Detroit, Michigan – Trip 2

Gold Cash Gold in Detroit, Michigan // @nicoledula #Detroit

You might remember that I already shared a great lunch we had at Gold Cash Gold in the spring during our Day Off in Detroit, but our recent visit was even better than the first. The light was dreamy and the dishes were gorgeous and it seemed a shame to just have these photos hanging out on my phone. I skipped lunch to properly prepare for this meal and started with Frida’s Blue House cocktail, inspired by the Frida Kahlo + Diego Rivera exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Arts. My girl, Megan has posted this pretty blue drink on Instagram before, so… Continue reading

Pork Scaloppine with Fennel Salsa Verde

Unbreaded Pork Scaloppine with Fennel Salsa Verde Recipe // @nicoledula #whole30 #glutenfree

I LOVE crossing things off my to-do list and this weekend, we really packed in some overdue chores. Bo-ring, I know, but it felt so good! Marc washed both of our cars, we weeded, trimmed the hedges and washed the windows. I used barely soapy hot water and a squeegee for the windows like This Old House taught me to do. It’s my favorite housekeeping tip ever. In anticipation of the 90 degree day, we finished by noon and rewarded ourselves with a vanilla malt and later this pork scaloppine for a late lunch. I made this dish twice last week and… Continue reading

CSA 2015: Week 4 + Roasted Broccoli with Shrimp

CSA 2015: Week 4 // @nicoledula #csa

Lettuce party! My box was bursting with curly greens and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I’ve been trying to make mostly-whole 30 dinners with a protein, veggies and a side salad with homemade vinaigrette lately and it’s been working out well. I have incorporated ice cream back in to my life, though, because summer without ice cream is just no fun. I used the csa broccoli to make Melissa Clark’s Roasted Broccoli with Shrimp on one sheet pan and it was a huge hit. I used 2 heads of broccoli (which were a bit bigger than you get in the… Continue reading

Vegan Chocolate-Dipped Avocado Popsicles

Vegan Chocolate-Dipped Avocado Popsicles Recipe // @nicoledula #popsicleweek

It’s popsicle week! That magical time of year when food bloggers show their undying love for this frozen treat. I can’t wait to see what everyone is making, so head over to Popsicle Prince Billy’s blog and check in all week for what’s new. And check out the official Pinterest board of popsicle week hosted by Munchie’s. I knew immediately what I wanted to make this year. I had to recreate my Las Paletas avocado popsicle with chocolate dip I had in Nashville. And because I couldn’t stop at the chocolate dip, I also sprinkled them with roasted pistachios and Maldon sea… Continue reading

CSA 2015: Week 3 + Ratatouille

CSA 2015: Week 3 // @nicoledula #csa

Before I forget, I want to tell you that I’ve made a CSA Pinterest board! I’ll be pinning recipes that match up with the kinds of fruit and vegetables I get in my share. Last weekend, I took the romaine, green onions and radishes to west Michigan and we made a huge salad with my mom’s vinaigrette dressing. It was lovely. I’ve been using the beets and beet greens in smoothies this week and I put the garlic scapes in my first ratatouille. Even though it isn’t a traditional ratatouille ingredient, I thought the scapes mixed well with the eggplant, onion,… Continue reading

Zucchini Noodles with Puttanesca Sauce + 4th of July

Zucchini Noodles with Puttanesca Sauce Recipe // @nicoledula #whole30

These zucchini noodles with flavorful puttanesca was dinner for day 30 of whole 30 and it was delicious. I changed the original recipe quite a bit and thought you might like to try it. The puttanesca sauce is something I’ve never made before, but if you love olives and capers, it’s a real treat. The anchovies are optional, but they dissolve into the sauce and add an extra flavor. I was pleasantly surprised that the zucchini noodles made a pretty good substitute for pasta. I mean, it’s not pasta, but with a flavorful sauce, it’s a beautiful summer meal when… Continue reading

CSA 2015: Week 2 + Sausage with Onions, Peppers + Garlic Scapes

CSA 2015: Week 2 // @nicoledula

I’m eating fresh strawberries by the handful and loving it. The lettuce, kale and radishes are going into salads this week and the beets and beet greens will make the prettiest hot pink smoothies. I love putting garlic scapes on pizza, but we were still on whole 30, so I took a chance and added them to sausage and peppers and it was so good! I’ve included the easy recipe below if you want to make it for yourself. This week we received: avicenna butterhead lettuce, baby beets, garlic scapes, lacinato kale, French breakfast radishes and strawberries.