Vegan Taco Collard Wraps

Vegan Taco Collard Wrap Recipe // Dula Notes

People have strong feelings for tacos. Taco love is almost universal, right? If you told me you didn’t like tacos, I’d be a little suspicious.  We’ve tried our fair share of tacos and they’ve never disappointed. Whether it’s the rich tacos at the El Guapo food truck, exotic tacos at Roast’s happy hour, the fresh tacos at Mas Tacos in Nashville, our favorite local spot Miguel’s or any taco anywhere in California, they all make us happy. I have tasted wonderful vegan tacos, but I’d never made a vegan taco at home. I was a little nervous, but the combination of… Continue reading

Gluten-Free Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookies

Gluten-Free Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe // Dula Notes

Today I’m doing something new and guest posting over at Autumn Makes and Does! I’m really excited to share a recipe over at Autumn’s blog where she shares beautiful, seasonal recipes that just happen to be gluten-free. And bonus, she makes a mean cocktail. Thanks for having me, Autumn! These cookies, you guys! I can’t stop looking for ways to use tahini and now I’ll always have these easy, one-bowl tahini chocolate chip cookies. Christina over at Dessert for Two inspired me to put tahini in chocolate chip cookies and I set out to make a nutty, gluten-free version. I’m… Continue reading

Almond Milk Bubble Tea Three Ways

Almond Milk Bubble Tea Three Ways // Dula Notes

Michigan has sunshine and (relatively) warm weather, let’s celebrate with bubble tea, ok? I really got into bubble tea last fall while visiting my friends in California. Not only does the East Bay area have gorgeous produce, delicious Mexican food and copious sunshine, they also have bubble tea shops everywhere. We had bubble tea every day of our trip. It was our thing. Well…after I told everybody, this should be our thing! You can imagine the hole in my heart when I came back to Michigan and found it hard to locate bubble tea. I did find one place nearby… Continue reading

At Home // Homemade Deodorant That Works!

Homemade Deodorant That Works! // Dula Notes

I have a good deodorant story for you. That sounds strange, doesn’t it? But really, I do! Marc and I celebrated an anniversary years ago in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. They were having an unseasonably warm June and each morning of our 3 night stay, we woke up early to hot and humid weather with temperatures that continued to climb throughout the day. That didn’t stop me from enjoying the hot gourmet breakfasts served on the porch at our B&B, though. I’d watch the joggers go by as I ate bites of bananas foster french toast and proclaim to Marc that… Continue reading

Milk-Braised Pork Shoulder with Leeks

Milk-Braised Pork Shoulder with Leeks Recipe // Dula Notes

One of the many good things that comes from traveling is food inspiration! Things you’ve never tasted before become a new obsession. I returned from Chicago starry-eyed about more than one dish and ready to march right into the kitchen. I wrote down a list of what I wanted to recreate at home and at the top was the milk-braised pork shoulder from the Purple Pig. It sounded kind of boring at the restaurant, but our waitress said we had to try it. Always trust the expert. It proves that something simple can rival any complicated recipe. I bought a beautiful pork… Continue reading

Travel // Chicago 2014

Chicago // Dula Notes

I only just left, but I miss Chicago already. This wasn’t our first trip, but this was the first time we went without parents or siblings, exploring as we liked. The weather was chilly, mostly in the 30′s and low 40′s, and we would skip to the side of the street with the most sun to warm us as we walked through the city. It didn’t deter us from enjoying our long weekend in Chicago. We arrived around 3 pm and checked into our hotel. I had a long list of places I wanted to eat and since it was… Continue reading

Kimchi Fried Rice

kimchi (7)

This post is coming to you a day early because today mark five years of Dula Notes! It’s been one year since the big redesign and gluten-free chocolate chip cookie bake-off, too. Which reminds me, I must make those cookies again very, very soon. I did want to take a moment to tell you how grateful I am that you stop by, read, comment, send me emojis on Instagram, make these recipes and generally cheer me on. This blog has become a big part of my life and you make it a happier, more lovely place. You’re the best. Really! While… Continue reading

Tahini Swirl Cocoa Brownies

Tahini Swirl Cocoa Brownies Recipe // Dula Notes

Before we talk brownies, I had a cronut, you guys! I thought it might be too rich, but it was surprisingly light with beautiful, fluffy layers. It was coated in sugar just incredible. In my pursuit of the cronut, I totally slipped on the icy sidewalk in front of the bakery. Embarrassing! I’m completely fine, though. I have a tiny bruise on my bum where I fell, but that’s all. Then I had a delicious cronut in my hands, so it was worth it. So, brownies! These might sound odd, but I think you’re going to like them. First of all,… Continue reading

Egg Drop Soup

Egg Drop Soup Recipe // Dula Notes

My weekend was full of Oscar movies and trying to replace a light bulb that just burned out. Would you believe that all of the internet does not have the light bulb I need? And the closest one I could find is only available in England? The light bulb search was a waste of a Sunday afternoon, but you know what isn’t? Making and enjoying this easy egg drop soup. This version isn’t much like Chinese takeout egg drop soup. It’s not as thick and I’m not quite sure how they get those long, beautiful egg ribbons. Maybe it’s the thickness… Continue reading

AMC Best Picture Showcase 2014

AMC Best Picture Showcase 2014 // Dula Notes

I’ve wanted to share this with you for years, but just never had the photo evidence. Since 2008, I have been going to AMC Theater’s Best Picture Showcase. You buy your ticket and on the day of the event they hand you a lanyard to get in and out of the theater and a booklet with the synopsis of each film. To see if an AMC theater near you participates, go online after the Oscar nominations are announced. That first year, only 5 films were nominated for best picture and the all-day movie event was the Saturday before the Oscars. I… Continue reading