Carrot Cashew Spread

My friend Nancy shared this recipe with me and there is something comforting about a spread like this that can be served to just about anyone, knowing that all of the ingredients are great for you. Just look at that beautiful orange color. I have been noticing carrot spreads around the web, most notably Kimberley’s Smokey Carrot Hummus and it is  a fun bandwagon to hop on. Join us, will you? The three ingredients for this spread are naturally sweet and I recommend dipping something salty into it for that lovely salty/sweet action. If you are watching your sodium intake, try using celery sticks or radish chunks. I started with hearty wheat crackers, but found salty pretzels to be my favorite dipper. I brought this to work with pretzels and the ladies loved it.

On the Whole Foods website, reviewers dipped salted pecan crackers, ginger snaps and apples into this dip. Some also prepared this raw and loved the results. I think next time I might experiment with smoked paprika. Put on your creativity cloak and add your own flair or enjoy it just the way it is.

On a side note, this past weekend we celebrated Marc’s grandparents’ birthdays. I was asked to bring bread to the gathering and instead of picking some up, I decided to get out my dough bucket and make a few of my favorite French boules from Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. I just have to take a moment to gush about this bread, again. Seriously, Zoe and Jeff have earned my admiration for life. The flavor and texture of this bread is much better than many loaves you buy at the store. As I mentioned in my first post about the boule, I use a cast iron skillet and parchment paper instead of a pizza stone and pizza peel. I have been using King Arthur Flour almost exclusively these days and even with a more expensive flour, making your own bread is very economical. Everyone enjoyed the bread and we sang happy birthday to the cutest couple. Happy birthday, Papa and Grandma!

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  1. There is a restaurant back home (Cafe Manna) that serves complimentary cashew-coconut hummus and flatbread chips before each meal, and I tend to scrape the dish clean with my finger. I’m guessing the sweeter slant of carrots and dried apricots with the cashews will yield a similar flavor, though delicious in its own way! Definitely will have to try this soon. Maybe throw together some naan and then cut them in strips to dip!

    Oh, and I had to track back to your previous post about bread to learn what a ‘dough bucket’ is. I’ve decided I MUST get one of those!



    • Heather – Cashew Coconut Hummus sounds wonderful and naan would be such a good dipper. I love my dough bucket! I have the 6 quart bucket and I drilled one small hole in the top, so I can completely close the lid and not worry about it. You’ll love it.

      Kimberley – I must try your carrot hummus. I am hooked on carrot spreads, too, but thankfully this is a healthier addiction than most 🙂

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