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Basil Pesto in a Molcajete

Basil Pesto in a Molcajete Recipe // Dula Notes

I really try not to purchase kitchen tools that can’t be used regularly. My ice cream maker attachment was an exception and my mandolin was another. A mandolin that I can’t quite figure out how to use. The molcajete, though, was said to be the way to perfect pesto and now I have to agree. The consistency is different and to my surprise, a step above pesto made in a food processor. Don’t get me wrong, pesto in all its forms is good, but I think you should try it in a molcajete sometime. There’s something beautiful about manually creating… Continue reading

Grilled Baba Ghanoush

Grilled Baba Ghanoush Recipe // Dula Notes

Sometimes you want to change up your dip game and this easy baba ghanoush is a nice change of pace. It has the same flavors as you find in hummus, but it’s lighter from the use of eggplant instead of chickpeas. You can dip your favorite vegetables and crackers in it or you can spread it on lavash and top with raw or roasted veggies for a veggie wrap. It makes a party-size amount, which is great if you’re having people over or plan on using it for lunches for the week. Feel free to cut the recipe is half… Continue reading

CSA 2014 Week 4 + Pita Pizzas

CSA 2014 Week 4 + Pita Pizza Recipe // Dula Notes

Our share was a bit smaller this week, but it was perfect because we were going out of town. I used the kale for smoothies and made a green salad with the romaine. The purple onions and garlic scapes went on mini pita pizzas and the basil and parsley was made into a pesto for those same mini pizzas. I took the strawberries along for our weekend trip and made strawberry and coconut cream popsicles. I’m sorry I didn’t take a pic of those, because they were pretty. I guess I’ll have to make them again, right? This week we… Continue reading

How To Make a Great Cheese Board

Making A Great Cheese Plate // Dula Notes

A cheese board is a wonderful thing. Sometimes it’s dinner while watching Game of Thrones and Veep. Sometimes it’s an easy appetizer for entertaining. Get your guests a drink and point them towards a cheese board and they’re happy to wait while you finish up dinner. Below I’m sharing my suggestions for a cheese board with something for everyone. Feel free to share your favorite cheese board items and soon we’ll make this the go-to place for the cheese board of your dreams. Something Pickled/Brined Pickled/brined items balance out the richness of the cheese. Quick Pickled Radishes Fresh Refrigerator Pickles… Continue reading

Quick Pickled Radishes

Quick Pickled Radishes // Dula Notes

Marc and I had a rare day off together and we took a trip to Ikea. We left with nothing, but going to Ikea meant we were close to Ann Arbor and a delicious lunch was in our grasp. My friend, Lori, shared with me that she and her husband always eat in Ann Arbor after Ikea and it’s a pretty grand idea. If you don’t know of it, Ann Arbor is home to the University of Michigan and it’s a charming college city with lots of dining options from casual to fancy. It’s also where you can visit Zingerman’s Roadhouse, creamery… Continue reading

Vegan Everything Focaccia

Vegan Everything Focaccia Recipe // Dula Notes

For New Year’s Eve, I planned to make rosemary grape focaccia because it was such a hit the last time. I bought the ingredients and was feeling good about that decision when I went to bed, but then I woke up suddently at 4:30 am on NYE day with the idea to make everything focaccia. I tried to go back to bed, telling myself that it would mean another trip to the grocery store. The idea wouldn’t quit, though. As soon as Marc stirred, I asked him in his sleepy state if everything focaccia sounded delicious or if I was crazy.… Continue reading

Roasted Tomatillo and Avocado Salsa

Don’t you just love tomatillos? If not, allow me to tell you why I do. They’re unusual, but pretty with their bright green skin and paper-like husks. I guess they come in other colors, too, and I’d like to collect them all; especially purple. They add a nice tart freshness to soups and sauces. I think I was a little scared to purchase them at first, but then they showed up in my CSA box last year. I was forced to make friends with tomatillos and I’m glad about that. This creamy salsa is a good example of what makes… Continue reading

Mini Cheddar Herb Popovers

I’ve made this recipe at least 5 times and I don’t see myself stopping. Did you know that you don’t need a special popover pan to make popovers? I certainly didn’t until Adrianna said so in her Pancakes cookbook. That’s pretty great, right? These popovers really save the day when I’m making a big salad for dinner and I want a little something special on the side. The ingredients are simple and I usually have everything on-hand to make them whenever I like (danger). They are cheesy, light and just super delicious. I made these for Meg’s bridal shower because… Continue reading

Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Garlic Soy Dipping Sauce

Vietnamese Spring Rolls Recipe // Dula Notes

How was your weekend? I was lucky enough to have a long 4-day weekend and spend it in west Michigan with my family. We didn’t end up at the beach, but I wore my Love Lake Michigan tee like a boss. My mom and dad bought some big fireworks that we set off with good friends on Friday night. On Saturday, my sister-in-law Bethany hosted a little dinner party and I had so much fun cooking with her. The party guests brought amazing appetizers and Bethany made two summer salads with Asian flavors that were a huge hit. We marinated pork… Continue reading

How to Shuck an Oyster

I’m ashamed to admit that I used to be weird about seafood. Their slow moving arms and legs creeped me out a bit. I think it’s because I was never exposed to really good seafood until my early 20’s. When Marc and I were dating, I remember ordering peel and eat shrimp that came whole with the head and legs attached. I gave Marc a slightly horrified look and he helped me peel the legs and heads off. On our honeymoon, we ate at a French-Carribean restaurant in the Turks and Caicos and again, whole shrimp ended up on my plate.… Continue reading