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Snapped Pea Salad with Crispy Salami or Coconut Bacon

Vegetarian Snap Pea Salad with Coconut Bacon // Dula Notes

Are you as sad as I am about Robin Williams? He was my last thought when I went to sleep and my first thought when I opened my eyes this morning. My parents are visiting and after I told everyone about seeing reports of his death on Twitter, my Dad went online to read through all of his films while I made dinner. We said, “oh yeah” several times, forgetting about Hook or his stellar performance in The Birdcage. Mrs. Doubtfire will always make me laugh and Good Will Hunting is Marc’s favorite movie. A few weeks ago, I thought of how great it would be if… Continue reading

CSA 2014: Week 6 + Veggie Bowl with Cilantro Lime Rice

CSA 2014: Week 6 // Dula Notes

Greens for days! It’s been a little challenging keeping up with the share because of Marc’s stomach bug. He’s been to the doctor and he’s on the mend, but for now he’s on a bland diet. They actually call it a bland diet and those are the two saddest words strung together. His meals have consisted of saltines, broth, plain rice, plain potatoes and Liberte lemon yogurt for breakfast. I’ve had to get creative and make Marc something plain for dinner and then add flair to my meal for something plain+. The pretty red carrots and some summer squash made… Continue reading

Fattoush Salad

Fattoush Salad Recipe // Dula Notes

Until I moved to the east side of Michigan, I had no idea what fattoush was. Middle eastern restaurants are very popular around here and I remember the first time Marc’s family took me to one. It was a whole new experience with fast middle eastern music, draped fabric everywhere and new-to-me food. With a little help while ordering, I became a fan of the fresh and flavorful food pretty quickly. Fattoush and tabouli salad with tangy lemon dressing is usually the first course with as much fresh pita and garlic sauce or hummus as you can handle. The warm… Continue reading

CSA 2014: Week 3 + Grilled Caesar Salad

CSA 2014: Week 3 + Grilled Caesar Salad Recipe

Ah, summer! I can’t get enough strawberries right now and the other night I had some with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. If I’m not making the ice cream myself, I recently discovered Alden’s organic vanilla ice cream at Whole Foods and it’s my favorite. If it goes on sale, I just have to buy it. Some store-bought vanilla ice creams are too sweet for me and Alden’s is pretty perfect. Just in case you were looking for a vanilla ice cream to try. This week we received jericho romaine lettuce, russian kale, butter lettuce, asparagus, garlic scapes, strawberries and red baron spring… Continue reading

Chocolate and Lemon-Pistachio Semifreddo

Chocolate and Lemon-Pistachio Semifreddo // Dula Notes

The long Memorial Day weekend was just what we needed. Our barbecue was a success  and it was really nice to have my parents stay with us for the weekend. Mom and I made cream puffs! Dad and I went on a 12 mile bike ride after eating cream puffs for breakfast! The weather was sunny,  breezy and just gorgeous. I also have a Memorial Day tip for you. If you live in a state that has bottle returns, do not return your bottles the day after Memorial Day. I thought I’d stop in at the grocery store and get… Continue reading

Ramp Compound Butter

Ramp Compound Butter Recipe // Dula Notes

Last year I couldn’t find ramps anywhere, but this year my Whole Foods has a generous section of midwest-grown organic ramps. I bought 2 bunches last week and made my favorite pasta with ramps and then I went back for 5 more bunches. I’m pretty greedy. When using ramps, I aim for recipes that will really showcases the distinctive mild garlic flavor that makes everyone crazy for ramps. And I need the recipe to use both the bulbs and greens because I’m not throwing half of it away. No way. Now that the weather has warmed up, we’re grilling every chance we… Continue reading

Rhubarb Buttermilk Bread

Rhubarb Buttermilk Bread Recipe // Dula Notes

When you’re running or walking for exercise, do you give a smile and wave to passing people? I try to. I grew up in a very friendly community where everyone smiles. Even the people that have run so hard it looks like they might collapse muster a smile. During one of my parents’ visits, my Dad and I took a bike ride and he noticed that not many people acknowledged us on the trail. I had noticed a little, but his comment prompted me to pay a little bit more attention after that. Gathering research for my own amusement, let’s… Continue reading

Blood Orange and Vanilla Waffle Donuts

Blood Orange and Vanilla Waffle Donuts // Dula Notes

It’s just the best coincidence that blood oranges are in season during Valentine’s Day so I can make things pink. One year I made Blood Orange Heart Scones and those are pretty great, but these waffle donuts are my favorite thing right now. They come together quickly and the recipe makes a small batch of 5 to keep your waffle donut crush in check. I wanted to make another batch as soon as I had my last bite, though. Aren’t blood oranges the dreamiest? Sigh. I should have a poster-sized picture of them above my bed. Isn’t everything better in waffle… Continue reading

German Christmas Stollen 2013

German Christmas Stollen 2013 Recipe // Dula Notes

It’s stollen time, again. My Oma made it every year before she passed away and a few years ago, I decided to bring the tradition back to our family. My Oma didn’t have a recipe written down, so I did a lot of research looking at different “old school” German recipes and included the flavors my mom and I prefer, rum and almond. I also didn’t want any artificial ingredients like technicolor cherries. I use a combination of my favorite dried fruits: Thompson raisins, dried apricots, dried cherries and dried currants along with toasted slivered almonds. The dough is barely… Continue reading

Vegan Citrus Farro Salad with Pomegranate and Pistachios

Thanksgiving is so close and I already have the adrenaline pumping this morning after running into 3 grocery stores to find kabocha squash for the best kabocha squash pie. Oh man, I can’t wait for pie. Tonight I’ll be packing and doing a little baking. Marc has the podcasts Star Talk with guest Anthony Bourdain and The Alton Browncast queued up for our 3 hour drive. I hope you have a nice weekend planned, too. Let’s talk salad. This farro salad is probably the prettiest thing I’ve ever made. It’s healthy, vegan and would make a beautiful last-minute addition to… Continue reading