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Vegan Blueberry Lime Sherbet Popsicles

Like many of the bloggers that participated in popsicle week, I just couldn’t stop at one flavor. As I waited for my first pops to freeze, I was already thinking about the next kind I wanted to make. This variety is refreshing and the combination of blueberry, lime and a hint of vanilla is really, really good. I didn’t blend the mixture too much because I love that these pops have blueberry freckles. They’re really a breeze to make, too. I’m already planning on serving these (unless another popsicle recipe turns my head) at a barbecue I’m planning for when… Continue reading

Lobster Roll

Lobster Roll Recipe // Dula Notes

Our local Whole Foods advertised a 1-day lobster tail sale on Saturday. The price of lobster had kept me from purchasing in the past and I guess I never thought of an occasion special enough to make it. I had to jump on this deal, though. After picking up my CSA at the farmers market, I made a trip to Whole Foods. I couldn’t get lobster rolls off of my mind. Every summer, someone posts a beautiful New England vacation on Instagram or a blog and inevitably there is a dreamy picture of fresh lobster meat tucked into a buttery roll. That’s… Continue reading

Vanilla Bean Dutch Baby with Macerated Berries

Vanilla Bean Dutch Baby // Dula Notes

This is my first time making a dutch baby and I can’t believe how easy it was or how beautiful it turned out. I credit the success of this puffed pancake to Adrianna of A Cozy Kitchen and her new book, Pancakes. Many of you probably know her, but if not, it’s time to make a new friend. With each of her delicious recipes (or cute crafts), she writes a funny and charming story that always makes me smile. I mean, one time she mashed up a Larry David story with peanut butter bacon cookies. That’s just someone you need… Continue reading

Lemon Oregano Compound Butter

Lemon Oregano Compound Butter Recipe // Dula Notes

How was your weekend? Michigan was a bit chilly, but the perfect temperature for grilling outside and warm enough to keep the front door open during the day. At our family barbecue on Sunday, we all lingered on our front porch while Pandora provided the tunes. My parents stayed over Saturday and Sunday night and it was very nice to spend time with them. They kindly offered to help set the table and wipe down the porch railing so everyone had a clean spot to sit. The Rum Horchata Cocktail was a huge hit! We made 40 jalapeño poppers and thought we had overdone… Continue reading

Almond Pine Nut Cookies

Gluten-Free Almond Pine Nut Cookies Recipe // Dula Notes

Lidia Bastianich made these cookies one Saturday afternoon and they sounded simple and delicious. As luck would have it, both of those things are true. If you’ve never heard of her, Lidia Bastianich hosts Lidia’s Italy on PBS. She’s friendly, matter-of-fact, doesn’t waste a drop of any ingredient she uses and shares wonderful recipes. Her recipes are a bit rustic with nothing too fancy or out-of-reach to the average home cook. I love her bright button-down shirts and her wisp of short hair. When she tastes her food, it’s a generous bite. Her son, Joe, sometimes appears on the show… Continue reading

Raw Meyer Lemon Raspberry Dreamcake

Raw Meyer Lemon Raspberry Dreamcake Recipe // Dula Notes

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. The air is still cool in Michigan, but we’ve had lots of sunshine lately and it makes a world of difference as we wait for spring weather. I have wanted to make this vegan dreamcake since I first laid eyes on it. There’s just something about a layered dessert and especially one with a pretty pink layer naturally colored with raspberries. We had Easter dinner with friends and our hostess does not eat gluten or diary. I researched spring recipes for our dinner and then we divided the recipes between 3 of us.… Continue reading

A Breakfast Smoothie Habit and 5 Smoothie Recipes

Berry Mandarin Green Smoothie Recipe // Dula Notes

For Christmas, I received a Vitamix blender. I didn’t ask for it because it seemed too extravagant, but now I’m happy Marc bought it. Before I had terrible luck with blenders and then this high-speed blender walked into my life. I now make smoothies almost every morning. At first I worried about the cost of buying smoothie ingredients in addition to the cost of the blender, but I was surprised by how reasonably priced smoothies are to make at home. It certainly is at least half the cost of purchasing a smoothie or coffee drink at your favorite to-go places. I’m also… Continue reading

Raw Buckwheat Breakfast Porridge

Raw Buckwheat Breakfast Porridge // Dula Notes

I remember when my mom started buying instant oatmeal packs. Her favorite flavor was peaches and cream. My brother and I would sometimes get them as a special treat and I think I loved them because they reminded me of my mom. She was going through her peach phase at the time. I still remember her light peach sweater. The sleeves billowed a little and curved in at the forearm like a 3/4 sleeve blouse. It is immortalized in a family photo where my dad has a dark mustache and I am wearing a purple vest and pigtails. One time… Continue reading

Whipped Lemon Feta Dip

Whipped Lemon Feta Dip Recipe // Dula Notes

It’s already week two of 2013 and I wonder how it’s treating you. I’m easing back into the bustle of daily life and things are good. We bought a new car, but I can’t help but feel a little sad to see the old one go. I get attached. The new car has won me over, though, with comfortable heated seats and the soothing Sirius-ly Sinatra station. It’s hard to be someone who gets attached these days. In a world of car, home decor, phone, and fashion upgrades on a regular basis, it’s easy to forget the comfort of loving… Continue reading

Summer Squash Olive Oil Bread with Lemon Crunch Glaze

We have reached that special time in our CSA where we have received a ton of summer squash and I have to start getting creative. I personally love steamed squash and sometimes I add a touch of mayonnaise. I realize I just grossed out a few of you, but my Dad always loved it this way and I do, too. Marc is less fond of this vegetable and has not had one complaint about our CSA vegetables, but I am trying to avoid this by using our share in unique ways. There are many recipes for zucchini bread out there, but… Continue reading