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Hot and Sour Soup with Cabbage and Rice

So far, Marc has not said a peep about how many soups I’ve been throwing at him in 2012. I just want to try all kinds. If I trust the recipe and myself enough for non-ruinous tweaks, I’ll double the batch and we’ll have a meal plus lunch for a few days. I’ve made this hot and sour soup twice now and it’s a perfect Saturday soup. The kind you start in the morning and decide later whether it will be lunch or dinner. With this soup in particular, the longer it cooks, the more silky the cabbage becomes. The… Continue reading

Bleu Cheese Tomato Soup

Although we still haven’t received a layer of snow that will stick, I am making soup regularly to achieve that cozy winter feeling. I don’t mean to complain about the lack of snow, but the falling snow helps make staying in and cooking soup a bit more romantic. The temperature has been wavering between 10 and 40 degrees, all perfectly acceptable temperatures for a steaming bowl of delicious soup. Tomato soup has that comfort food reputation, especially when partnered with the grilled cheese sandwich. As a kid, the Campbell’s tomato soup commercials were always enticing, but they didn’t sway my… Continue reading

Vegan Roasted Garlic Soup with Crispy Kale Chips

Vegan Roasted Garlic Soup with Crispy Kale Chips Recipe // Dula Notes

How was your long weekend? I hope you had some thoughtful gifts under the tree, happy times with family and friends and delicious food was everywhere. To recap our Christmas warm fuzzies: many slices of stollen were shared, friends and family were hugged, my Dad and I took two long walks, our family spontaneously decided to got out and watch The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on Christmas night and Marc’s brother got engaged! The hustle and bustle has died down and this morning we woke up to a light dusting of snow on the ground and tiny flakes falling.… Continue reading

Weeknight Pho

My first time having pho was during our September California trip and it was quite an experience. After entirely too much online research (people are really passionate about their pho), I finally picked a place near the San Jose airport based on Foodspotting recommendations. We pulled into a strip mall and as we approached the doors, we were quickly ushered to a communal tables by a man with a huge smile. The menu took some deciphering, but we ordered our pho and pearl drinks sensing our waitress’ impatience. Then we just sat back and took the whole place in. It… Continue reading

Carrot Ginger Soup

Thanks for letting me talk about almond cranberry cake while leftovers were still in your fridge. I really had to get that out there. Now let’s talk soup! Have you seen Paper Man? It’s a little indie film that stars Jeff Daniels and adorable Emma Stone (also Ryan Reynolds and Lisa Kudrow). In one scene, Emma Stone takes some vegetables that are lying around in Jeff Daniels’ kitchen and makes soup. Jeff is blown away by Emma’s ability to make something from nothing. I like how soup is something from nothing; a humble meal. It can be as simple as… Continue reading

Beef Stew with Gremolata

With the time change, I stirred earlier than normal on Sunday morning and set out to start this stew. I gathered the ingredients in our quiet house with a stream of early morning light coming through the kitchen window. I browned the beef and opened a bottle of Sonoma Sangiovese from our recent trip. I took a small sip to make sure it was ok and happily poured the deep red wine over the aromatics. The smell made me incredibly excited for lunch. I covered the pot and placed it in the oven. A few hours later, the dishes were… Continue reading

Hearty Vegan Chili

Hearty Vegan Chili Recipe // Dula Notes

When I first started cooking vegetarian meals, I’d slip in one or two meals a week. Now we can go full weeks without meat and I have stumbled upon some unintended benefits. First, it’s a really good excuse to take the money you would normally spend on expensive meat and buy great quality olive oil, vinegar and chocolate. Totally. It overall saves money, adds more veggies to our diet, high-fives the environment and saves me from the “there’s nothing defrosted” dilemma and subsequent “Is this still good?” conundrum. There’s also something completely satisfying about making a really good vegetarian dish… Continue reading

Loaded Potato Soup

I was hit with the urge to share food with friends. We hadn’t entertained in a while and I set out to remedy that, asap. With a mountain of CSA potatoes and an idea for a recipe, all I needed was a few friends. I sent out a text that morning and after many exclamation points back and forth, it was all set. The friends that accepted the invitation are expecting their first baby. We hadn’t spent time together in months, so it was our first time seeing our friend glowing with a little baby belly. They brought a beautiful… Continue reading

Vegan Creamy Gazpacho Andaluz

I’ve been MIA around here and the other social media outlets because Marc and I were in California for a week! We had a marvelous time and I will be sharing the highlights in a blog post, soon. Until then, please enjoy this recipe that is a grand way to use your summer tomatoes. I know there are some gazpacho haters out there and I hear you, I really do. I tried it at a restaurant last summer and I was sorely disappointed. It was like eating jarred mild salsa by the spoonful and I still shutter just thinking about… Continue reading

Italian Wedding Soup

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Whether you celebrated or not, it’s important to have a good Tuesday. Our new favorite Mexican place advertised a fajitas and ‘ritas special and as soon as the words left my mouth, Marc was ready to go. We are not fans of huge crowds and decided to go low-key for V-Day. We’re also indulging in a wine and food pairing at one of our favorite restaurants on Sunday, yippee! Our steak fajitas and margaritas were wonderful and then we splurged by heading over to our favorite gelato spot for a trio… Continue reading