Coconut Buttermilk Pound Cake

At some point while I was growing up, my Mom started watching the weather channel religiously. Her weather obsession intensified when she started driving a school bus. It surprised many of our friends and family that she would choose this job because she is a notorious worrier. It turns out the job was practically made for her. Her no-nonsense nature kept the kids line and they still loved her. Her attention-to-detail and careful disposition made her safe on the roads.  She usually arrived at the bus lot before the sun to warm up the bus and make sure everything was working properly.

When my brother and I turned 16, she started leaving little notes behind with messages like, “Roads are slippery, be careful! Love, Mom” or “Very snowy, take it easy. xo Mom”  We did live near lake Michigan and the lake effect snow was no joke, but being teenagers, we would roll our eyes at these notes. Looking back, I secretly loved that she brushed the snow off of my car most mornings and her notes did come in handy. They were kind of sweet.

She’s retired from her bus job and we no longer live in the same house together or the same city for that matter. The weather notes have stopped. These days I almost never check the weather. It’s a very small part of my day. My interest in the weather is now limited to puffy cloud watching and beautiful sky gazing. Today I’m remembering when it was a big part of my morning, written in a love note from my Mom.

I made this coconut pound cake for my Mom, the weather watcher and coconut lover. The cake is dense, lightly sweet and doesn’t skimp on the coconut. It’s the perfect thing to savor slowly with a cup of coffee or tea.

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  1. OK, I’m a total weather-obsessive and I love coconuts, so I really like your mom already! After a week of over-indulgence, I’m actually kind of mad that you posted this irresistible recipe. It’s siren song of spongy, creamy coconut perfection is really steering me away from my vows of salad eating.

  2. That’s so sweet that she’d brush the snow off the car for you! That’s something my dad would do, too. The poor guy is a master shoveler. I think he’d like this cake.

    • Noelle – Your comments are my favorite. I am now imagining those Mac sticky notes all over a computer screen with weather warnings. If my Mom only knew, she’d be more interested in her laptop.

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