Almond Milk Bubble Tea Three Ways

Almond Milk Bubble Tea Three Ways // Dula Notes

Michigan has sunshine and (relatively) warm weather, let’s celebrate with bubble tea, ok? I really got into bubble tea last fall while visiting my friends in California. Not only does the East Bay area have gorgeous produce, delicious Mexican food and copious sunshine, they also have bubble tea shops everywhere. We had bubble tea every day of our trip. It was our thing. Well…after I told everybody, this should be our thing!

You can imagine the hole in my heart when I came back to Michigan and found it hard to locate bubble tea. I did find one place nearby that makes great bubble tea with four different options, but it’s a sushi restaurant and kind of expensive and kind of strange to go in and just ask for bubble tea to-go. That’s when I decided to just make it at home.

Almond Milk Bubble Tea Three Ways // Dula Notes

When you visit a bubble tea shop, you’ll see a dizzying amount of flavors. Fellow bubble tea aficionado Megan likes honeydew bubble tea and my childhood friend Kelly likes strawberry bubble tea. I’m the boring one in this trio with an allegiance to almond milk tea, which in California was cow’s milk with almond flavoring and just so good. I thought I’d make our favorite flavors with the addition of homemade almond milk so that you can pick your favorite flavor.

Almond Milk Bubble Tea Three Ways // Dula Notes

If you’re new to bubble tea, it’s a drink made with milk or juice, tea or tea powder, your choice of flavoring and sweetened chewy boba. You need a special wide straw to slurp up the boba. Picking a straw color while they make your bubble tea is one of the best parts. Most places heat-seal plastic on the top of the cup for easy transport and then you poke your straw in the top when you’re ready to drink.

There are a few steps to the process of making bubble tea, but each step is really easy. You make your boba and store it in simple syrup, you brew some strong tea and then you add your choice of milk and flavoring. You blend it up or shake it in a cocktail shaker for a cold, frothy beverage. It’s like an Asian milkshake.

Almond Milk Bubble Tea Three Ways // Dula Notes

Almond Milk Bubble Tea Three Ways // Dula Notes

In the name of science, I drank too many of these. And although I still love almond-flavored bubble tea, I really flipped for the honeydew and strawberry. Pick a flavor and go for it!

I’ve been really trying to purchase to-go cups for my favorite hot and cold drinks to cut back on the amount of garbage I create and The Other Straw has beautiful reusable bamboo boba straws!

Almond Milk Bubble Tea Three Ways // Dula Notes

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    • I was thinking the same thing! I’ve wanted to make bubble tea for so long, but I’m glad it finally happened in the spring πŸ™‚

  1. I love, love, love bubble tea! I hate how expensive it is and difficult to find in the US, so making it at home is a great option. Your versions look amazing, so frosty and refreshing!

  2. YES! Steve and I were on a total boba tea kick because it’s way too expensive to buy around here and it’s pretty subpar. We found the boba at an asian market and it was like $6 for a giant bag. We went back after we ran out and they didn’t have any more in stock :/ But it’s super easy and soooo good when made at home.

    High five for the use of almond milk!

    • Expensive subpar bubble tea is such a bummer! I went to a few Asian markets around here and they sadly didn’t have it, but Amazon to the rescue πŸ™‚ Thanks, friend!

  3. Sooo I’ve never had bubble tea.. I feel like I’m really missing something.. I need to get with it cause it sounds way too good!

  4. I’ve made my own bubble tea exactly ONCE, and it was in a tiny hot pot in my college dorm room. How I’ve not made it since is beyond me since I am borderline boba-obsessed. (Oh man, Boba Guys in SF is almost too hip, but their stuff is so, so good…) Thanks for the inspiration! Now, to find me some fatty straws…

  5. I’ve only had bubble tea a few times. I’m a weirdo and like to swallow the tapioca pearls whole. It never, ever occurred to me to make it at home!!

    • I kind of love that you swallow the boba! I’m sure I have swallowed some whole, but I do like their chewiness πŸ™‚

  6. I loooove me some boba. I was trying to figure out my favorite flavor, but I honestly think I get something different every single time. Too many choices!

    • You’re right, there are so many good ones! I really liked the red bean smoothie I had in California, but if I got it sans smoothie the beans just kind of floated in the milk and it was terrible, ha!

  7. I am now making this at home. I drink it almost every day and added up a year minus about 10 days. I’m gonna save over $2000 this year making it myself instead of $6.10 each time. Thank you for this I am so happy

  8. OMG, I just found boba tea a few months ago, and while I knew I could make it at home, I’m dieting, and milk, even skim milk, is just too high in calories, so I don’t keep it in the house. But NUT milks? OH yeah, I am so in for this! I’ve ordered my boba from Amazon, but I can’t wait… I’m going to try it right now, just plain milk tea, I think that will be good enough to get me through until Monday (it’s Tuesday now) when my boba arrives! Thanks so much for the recipe!!!

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