Almond Pine Nut Cookies

Gluten-Free Almond Pine Nut Cookies Recipe // Dula Notes

Lidia Bastianich made these cookies one Saturday afternoon and they sounded simple and delicious. As luck would have it, both of those things are true. If you’ve never heard of her, Lidia Bastianich hosts Lidia’s Italy on PBS. She’s friendly, matter-of-fact, doesn’t waste a drop of any ingredient she uses and shares wonderful recipes. Her recipes are a bit rustic with nothing too fancy or out-of-reach to the average home cook. I love her bright button-down shirts and her wisp of short hair. When she tastes her food, it’s a generous bite.

Her son, Joe, sometimes appears on the show and he’s one of the judges on one of those cooking shows. He seems to totter between annoyed and completely bored, so of course, I love when he’s on the show. I call Marc over to the tv if he isn’t already in the room. We can’t wait to see what kind of mood he’s in that day. The family member I love the most, though, is Grandma, Lidia’s sweet Mom.

Gluten-Free Almond Pine Nut Cookies Recipe // Dula Notes

Grandma is in her 90’s and is just the cutest thing. She’s short with soft white hair and wears a bold color on her thin lips for tv. Lidia invites Grandma in the kitchen when she makes her favorite foods and these pignoli cookies or Italian pine nut cookies are one of her favorites. Lidia hands her a cooled cookie and Grandma says, “Mmmmmm” while shaking her head side to side in happiness. It’s her thing. Gosh, I love her.

Gluten-Free Almond Pine Nut Cookies Recipe // Dula Notes

It seems appropriate that we are talking about Moms when Mother’s Day is this weekend in the US. I made these cookies for a friend’s birthday and I’m making another batch for my Mom who’s favorite food is almond paste. I think she’s going to flip for these. They also happen to be naturally gluten-free.

I changed Lidia’s recipe a bit and I’m sure hers are fantastic, but I wanted to kick back the sugar a little because almond paste already contains sugar. I also made some other slight changes and these turned out perfect. After a few pulses in the food processor, you’re only minutes away from delicious almondy cookies. Maybe your Mom would love these. Maybe you would love these.

Gluten-Free Almond Pine Nut Cookies Recipe // Dula Notes

Gluten-Free Almond Pine Nut Cookies Recipe // Dula Notes

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  1. They were yummy! Thanks for thinking of me! I was introduced to Lidia through Ina Garten and Martha Stewart. She’s a keeper!

    • You’re welcome! We don’t have cable, so Lidia quickly became my Food Network replacement 🙂

    • I bought my Mom an extra tube of almond paste. Just for digging in! I love the Ritter Sport marzipan bar, but my Mom doesn’t like any chocolate messing with her almond paste experience.

  2. I love watching the Lidia shows, although I’m less fond of the son than you. 😉 I made these cookies for the first time this past Christmas and they were a huge hit! Expensive cookies unless you know a cheaper source for almond paste and pine nuts than the local grocer. Ouch! But delicious!

    • We started off wondering what was wrong with Joe and now we’ve embraced it, ha! I adapted Lidia’s recipe to add more egg white to make more cookies and use only one tube of almond paste. The pine nuts are sprinkled on the cookies instead of rolling Lidia’s firmer dough into the pine nuts, so you use a lot less of them, too. I bought my pine nuts at Trader Joe’s, which I find to be one of the cheapest places for me to buy nuts. If you have access to bulk bins, you’d only need to get a 1/2 cup scoop of them for this recipe!

  3. i love pine nut cookies. every christmas when i visit my parents my mom and i make a variation of these. i’ll have to try with almond paste next time, usually we use ground almonds.

    • I was wondering if there was a similar recipe using ground almonds out there! I’d love to try that, too.

    • You’ll love these, then! The pine nuts are so soft on top of the cookie. They are kind of the perfect nut for cookies!

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