Apple Cider Bourbon Cocktail

The temperature is noticeably cooler (38 degrees F this morning!) and the trees in the neighborhood are changing color. Fall is here and I’m ready for it. On my first day back from vacation, I went to the cider mill and picked up apple cider and fresh cinnamon and sugar doughnuts. I just had to. When I told Marc I bought doughnuts and cider, he was even more excited than expected because he had just passed the cider mill on his way home. The scent of fresh doughnuts being made was still on his mind.

Later, I took a walk on the trail and looked for the most beautiful fall tree. My favorite tree is still in transition. Its branches are half green and half bursting with bright orange leaves. My closet is still in transition, too. I haven’t pulled out my sweaters or shoes appropriate for cool weather. I wanted to wear argyle knee-high socks today and that led to a shoe hunt. It was worth it, though.

Apple Cider Bourbon Cocktail Recipe // Dula Notes

This is the kind of drink for those of us in transition. Ice cold, the apple cider tastes like biting into a freshly picked apple from a fall orchard. The aged bourbon adds a warm, caramel flavor. With just a pop of lemon, you’re ready to drink to fall.

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  1. This drink sounds delicious! Since I can’t have the booze, I’d settle for cider and donuts 😉 Have you tried cider donuts??! I’ve been hearing about them a lot but have yet to try one. xo

    • Kasey – I’d love it if we could chat over cider and donuts! I have not tried cider donuts, but I’m sure they are amazing. How could they not be? 🙂

  2. I bought apple cider this weekend and made bourbon cocktails with it as well! I skipped the donuts, but I’ll definitely be having some soon! Great minds 😉 We should get together for lunch/drinks again soon!

  3. I just made a cider cocktail, too! This one looks SO perfect. Love bourbon 🙂

    Today is the first day I’ve been REALLY cold. And I definitely did not dress for it. Shivering in my office!

  4. I so want to try this – we don’t live near a cidery (how awesome is that?!) but I always spot big jugs of it at my local co-op. I never have the arm strength to carry one home but I think I could muster the strength for this drink. I love pretty much most bourbon drinks!

    • Jeannette – I’m definitely spoiled to live so close to one of the best cider mills in the area! It’s small, but it has the best cider and donuts. As a fellow bourbon lover, I think you’ll love this!

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