Apple Marzipan Galette

Apple Marzipan Galette Recipe // @nicoledula

I’m an aunt, you guys! Miss Molly Irene arrived on November 13 and our whole family couldn’t be more smitten. Check out my Instagram feed for a sweet photo of her followed by a celebratory waffle cone with my new favorite flavor salty caramel coffee (!!!)

We went to the hospital on chilly Saturday and just couldn’t get enough of her. She likes to stretch out her little arms even when she’s wrapped like a baby burrito. I made Meg some raspberry chia pudding for her little hospital fridge and we brought Matt some snacks, too. We bought Molly a Mini Boden sweater dress and the sweetest Petit Pippin bear. Meg and I have already planned a girls day after Matt’s paternity leave where I’ll bring over my pomegranate kale salad while we snuggle Molly all day long. In honor of my sweet niece, I’ve made you a sweet treat.

I had some precious organic honey crisps and a bar of marzipan from Ikea that I wanted to create recipes for. Then it occurred to me that I could make an apple AND marzipan something. My love of the galette knows no bounds, so an apple marzipan galette was the result. My favorite apple dessert was always the classic apple pie, but this galette was made for apple and almond lovers. The marzipan turns golden brown and puffs up around the apple slices. The texture of the coarse-sugar topped crust, the softened apples and the creamy almond is pretty perfect. I bet it would be a hit for Thanksgiving or just because.

Apple Marzipan Galette Recipe // @nicoledula

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  1. Husb is marzipan obsessed. I’m almost marzipan unawares. So, I’ve seen a tube at World Market and Whole Foods…is that okay to use?

    Really hope this makes it’s way to our Thanksgiving spread.

    • I love that you’re making this! World Market is a great spot for good selection and good prices on marzipan and I’ve purchased at Whole Foods before, too. Let me know if you have any questions along the way!

    • Thanks for listening, Stephanie! I just can’t get enough of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, as you could probably tell by my excitement 🙂 I can’t wait for all of the new guests this season. My mom is a long-time lover of marzipan, so I was raised to esteem it as the best treat!

  2. Nicole, you two are going to be THE COOLEST aunt and uncle team to little Molly (I mean, mini Boden? You guys win!). Congrats on the first niece! PS: This galette is pretty darn dreamy, too 🙂

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