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Homemade Deodorant That Works! // Dula Notes

I have a good deodorant story for you. That sounds strange, doesn’t it? But really, I do!

Marc and I celebrated an anniversary years ago in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. They were having an unseasonably warm June and each morning of our 3 night stay, we woke up early to hot and humid weather with temperatures that continued to climb throughout the day. That didn’t stop me from enjoying the hot gourmet breakfasts served on the porch at our B&B, though. I’d watch the joggers go by as I ate bites of bananas foster french toast and proclaim to Marc that I couldn’t believe that people exercised outside in this heat and humidity.

Homemade Deodorant That Works! // Dula Notes

One evening of our trip, we ended up in a quaint bar looking for a nightcap before heading back to our B&B. The bartender was friendly, funny, sarcastic and he mixed up a great cocktail. I instantly liked him. We first sat at a table and then the bartender encouraged us to sit at the bar where there were a few regulars. As time passed and drinks flowed, we all became friendly and laughed a lot.

During the revelry, a hippie girl dressed in a gauzy patchwork dress joined the group and complained to the guy sitting next to Marc that she was mad because someone told her she “stunk like a dirty truck driver”. The guy overcompensated by saying, “NO! What a ridiculous thing to say!” She said she was trying natural deodorant, but didn’t think it was that bad. She eventually left feeling a bit better and as soon as she was out of ear shot, the guy immediately turns to us and said he could barely breathe she smelled so bad.

I was surprised by this declaration and whisper-asked Marc, who was closer to her than I, if it really was that bad and Marc responded with a dry, “It wasn’t great.”

Homemade Deodorant That Works! // Dula Notes

Now every time I think of natural deodorant, I think of the hippie girl I briefly met in Charleston. The amazing night where we met the friendliest bartender, the talk-behind-your-back guy and a young guy that told me cooking was his passion as he scribble down a recipe for shrimp and grits on the back of a receipt for me. I still have it.

As the hippie girl can attest, the road to natural deodorant that actually works can be a perilous one. After reading yet another article about something I use every day being terrible for me, I’ve just about had it with mass-produced beauty products. I’ve been through several store-bought natural deodorants and Marc has been a good sport about trying them out with me. It’s expensive and frustrating to keep trying and failing. The good news is that I finally found one that works!

I know the thought of adding “make deodorant” to your list of things to do in a day probably sounds a bit exhausting and I hear you. Once you have the supplies, it comes together in just a few minutes. I swear. Your ingredients will last a long time, too. It smells great , it’s really cost effective and actually good for your skin. And it works! Let’s high-five about it.

Homemade Deodorant That Works! // Dula Notes

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  1. Okay, but does it really work??? Like, sometimes skip a shower and do half an hour of cardio stink protection? I’ve been slowly switching out my makeup, skincare, and household items with natural alternatives but I currently rely way too much on deodorant to take any risks (even though I know I should!) That said, I do have most of these products at home already so it wouldn’t be too difficult or expensive to make. Does the lavender have any other purpose other than scent?

    • It really does! If you’re going from regular store-bought deodorant to natural deodorant for the first time, there may be an adjustment period, I’m not sure. I sure had it the first time I switched, but that was switching to a deodorant that did not work. I have definitely skipped a shower and been fine with this deodorant. I’m interested in what the summer brings, but I did some serious walking around Chicago in wool sweaters and a wool coat and was fine! The baking soda absorbs odors, the cornstarch absorbs wetness, the coconut oil moisturizes and has anti-bacterial properties, the lavender oil is an anti-septic and the tea tree oil is anti-bacterial. They all play their little part 🙂 If you have the stuff at home, give it a shot! I really, really love it and it’s the first that has worked for me after trying different types for 2 years.

  2. Yes, yes, yes! bookmarking this. My husband has been using Sam’s Natural for a little over a year. I’ve used a couple sticks. Gonna have to give this a whirl. Does it leave any residue on your clothes?

    • Good question! I haven’t had a problem with residue yet and a little goes a long way, so just a little swipe and I’m good. After a couple of days of trying this my husband said to me, “I don’t want to jinx it, but I think this deodorant actually works.” That’s when I knew I was onto something 🙂

  3. Ooooo….I have all of this! With the weather finally turning warm over here it’s the perfect time to try it out!

    • We’re still using it and loving it! It seems to last a long time since you only need a little bit, which is nice.

  4. Hello! I’m about to try this recipe out! Now that is almost July, how is the deodorant working for you?

    • Hi Ginger! I’m still using it and it’s still working great! It’s a bit softer now that it’s warmer outside and a little goes a long way. I hope it works great for you, too!

    • Hi Joyce! I hope you try it and love it! The Lavilin looks interesting and seems to have great results. I noticed in the reviews they just changed the formulation to remove BHT, so I’d hope there wasn’t anything else harmful lurking. Melissa above recommended Sam’s Natural and that’s a wonderful product, too.

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