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Every year it seems, my boss and I are astonished by how dry our skin becomes in the winter. We chat about it like it’s something new. This year I was determined to keep my skin looking healthy all year long. I started looking for moisturizing sugar scrubs with natural ingredients everywhere I went and then continued my search online. I did come across a few beautiful scrubs, but they were pretty expensive.

I’ve had great success with a homemade face wash recipe and quickly realized a homemade sugar scrub was easy, too. Essential oils can be a bit pricey, but pick a scent you love and it will last you through many batches. This sugar scrub comes together quickly and also makes a pretty cute gift. I tried it out as soon as the batch was finished and my hands are already thanking me.

I usually don’t get crafty, but with a little twine, some sprigs from my hearty lavender plant and washi tape, I now have a few jars that are dressed to impress. I can’t wait to share them with my best pals for Christmas.

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  1. How fun! I love yummy sugar scrubs, and I can imagine this one smell amazing (not to mention, it’s all natural, which is always a good thing!).

  2. I just made a couple of batches for gifts. I love how soft it made my hands feel and how subtle the lavender essence is. Quick question, this morning the coconut oil must have hardened and instead of being a soft scrub, I had to scrape it out. Is that normal of is there some secret to keeping the scrub more liquid? Thank you!

    • Dana – I’m so happy you love the scrub! I suggest either keeping your jar in the shower (so it warms with the warmth of your shower) or place the jar inside of a bowl and add a little bit of hot tap water to the bowl. The coconut oil melts easily and just needs a little help when it’s cold.

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