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All of the improvements to the front of our home started with a small amount of peeling paint on our shutters. The missing chips of paint left behind irregular white spots that were slowly driving me crazy. Should we just get the same dreary khaki paint the previous owners used and touch it up? Should we just choose another color and paint the shutters and the porch? Hey, that garage door is looking pretty sad and so are the house numbers and outdoor lights. Want to just rebuild the whole porch?

These questions turned into a two month whirlwind of outdoor projects that have occupied my thoughts. Thanks to an early spring in Michigan, we had wonderful weather to help us complete the items on our growing to-do list. We are ecstatic that it is now exactly how we want it and Marc will not spend the summer pointing out the large knots and peeling paint from the old porch anymore, ha.

The color on the porch and shutters is Benjamin Moore Aura / Low Luster finish / exterior paint in Kendall Charcoal. Turns out the Burnt Ember I previously chose is unavailable in exterior paint, but Kendall Charcoal turned out to be very close and coincidentally the first swatch I picked out. Sometimes it looks gray/brown and other times it looks gray/blue, but I am loving all of its tones and how it pops against the red brick.






And miraculously, my nails still look like this…


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  1. Hooray for a beautiful house update – looks great! And so do your nails. Nice! Did you do your nails yourself? I always find professional manicures always last longer – but maybe because I never use top coats!

    • Jeannette – I had my nails done this time and you’re right, it does last longer. I was just surprised they looked that good after the amount of sanding and painting I did! Thanks!

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