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It seems I have always loved movies. Almost every Friday, my Dad would rent two movies and pick up pizza for family movie night. My Dad was pretty open to all movies, so we sort of watched it all. Romantic comedies, action, drama, sci-fi and horror filtered through our house and were back in the rental slot before midnight the next day. Hey, remember renting movies?

These days, I particularly love a well-done independent movie, anything British and of course, I have my guilty pleasures (I just re-watched My Best Friends Wedding along with episodes of Dawson’s Creek and Felicity).

Recently, Netflix recommended the movie, Toast, to me and I clicked to see what it was all about. To my surprise, it was about Nigel Slater. If you’re new to that name, he is a British food star and author of Tender, Ripe, several other cookbooks and several articles. He wrote an autobiography in 2004 called, Toast: The Story of  a Boy’s Hunger, and the movie was based on this book. The 2010 movie that aired on BBC One stars Freddie Highmore (you might recognize him from the 2005 movie version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) as older Nigel and Helena Bonham Carter (funny enough, also from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but loads of other movies as well) as Nigel’s step-mother. The picture above shows a younger Nigel with his mother, in case you were thinking that those two don’t look like either Freddie or Helena.

On a related side note that we can file under TMI, I’ve gotten pretty good at remembering faces from movies and I get a nerdy thrill when I recognize actors that have teamed up before. Not a well-publicized re-team like Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, but a quieter one. I about died when I recognized Jennifer Ehle as Geoffrey Rush’s wife in The King’s Speech. Fellow anglophiles might remember she famously played Elizabeth Bennett alongside the dreamy, Colin Firth in the BBC’s Pride and Prejudice mini-series. Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth together, again, kind of. Are you slowly backing away from the computer? It’s ok, really. I’ll be back with a recipe, soon. Promise.

Toast would best be described as a drama with a few funny parts to lighten the mood. Nigel grew up with a mother who didn’t cook and a father that wasn’t very warm towards him. It’s a sad story, but an interesting one. Food fans will enjoy following Nigel as he discovers his passion for food. It is currently available to watch instantly on Netflix, if you’re interested. Enjoy your weekend!

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    • Misti – She looked so different, right? It took me a minute to recognize her, but I was happily enjoying the movie with a friend who enjoys P&P as much as me. Thanks for dropping by and letting me know I’m not the only one 🙂

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