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Bacon Meatball Subs Recipe // Dula Notes

Last week was a sad week. Marc lost his grandpa. He was ready to go and we knew it was coming, but it’s still sad that he’s gone. The beautiful part of saying goodbye, though, is that when friends and family gather to honor someone, you hear these wonderful stories. Some we knew and some we didn’t. We heard about his strong work ethic and his need to be precise. Two traits I see in Marc and now I know are in his genes. We heard about Papa’s kindness and although he was busy running the business he built up from his basement, he still took time to lend a hand to others. One of the neighbors teared up as she recalled Papa dropping by to help her, even when she didn’t ask. We saw old pictures of Papa as a handsome young man with wavy brown hair. We all smiled at the pictures of him with his pet skunk, something he was famous for. We discovered that he used his pet skunk to lure grandma on a first date! I told grandma that she had taken such good care of him and she told me that they had taken good care of each other. Their beautiful wedding photo sat on a table at the funeral home. They looked so happy and glamorous. To me, there’s nothing sweeter than mature love like that.

I rarely make meatballs and I had never made meatball subs smothered in tomato sauce like this. It’s something I’d been meaning to make for Marc. After a tough week, I thought it was something special I could do for him. I can’t remember what we talked about while we ate our sandwiches, but I know we smiled and Papa was in our thoughts.

If you know someone who would love a good meatball sub, I urge you to try this recipe. The meatballs have incredible flavor thanks to a paste of mushrooms, onions, garlic and herbs folded into the meat. If you can believe it, the recipe is adapted from a food truck in San Diego. Share it with someone you love.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear about your loss! It’s never easy to lose a grandparent that’s for sure. These look like the perfect comfort sandwich. I’m a total sucker for a meatball sub and so i know I need to make these soon. Totally crazy about provolone on these guys!

  2. Losing a grandparent is so sad. I lost my grandfather in 2011, and it felt like the end of an era. On a lighter note, I’ve been craving meatballs (why?) and the sandwich looks like great comfort food. My thoughts are with you and Marc.

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. When my much beloved grandfather passed 2 years ago, I was wrecked even with the months of notice. Hearing the stories and seeing old photos brings a little bit of comfort and sweetness, though. I think that the little thoughtful things–like making a meatball sandwich–are just the things that get us through loss. It’s a food-hug, which is pretty much the best.

    • Allison – Ha! I bet you would like these, too! There isn’t any squidgy bacon pieces in the meatballs 🙂 The paste you make with the bacon adds a lot of flavor, but the meatballs themselves are still tender and meaty.

  4. I am so sorry to hear the sad news. I hope you both are taking it easy. Glad to hear the sub brought a few well-deserved smiles. I’d definitely be thrilled to have one of those beauties.

  5. Sorry to hear about your family’s loss, Nicole. Murdo’s grandmother died a few years ago and I remember being so amazed at how many people gathered to celebrate her life. It’s a sad time, but yes, also beautiful when you know that they lived a good, long life full of love.

    These meatballs subs sound awesome, and exactly what I would make for Murdo during a rough patch. I just realized I don’t comment here enough. Need to change that — such a good space you’ve created.

  6. Nicole, this brought tears to my eyes – reminds me of when I lost my Papa – he and my grandmother were together for 61 years. I’m sorry for your family’s loss and hope everyone feels a little bit better as time passes. These sandwiches look amazing! And I love your new site!

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