Baked Buffalo Chicken Wings

You can probably guess that I made these recently for a certain football game. I wasn’t interested in the game, but I did watch Beyonce shake it. We had an excellent snack spread and quality girl talk while the boys watched the game. I had never made buffalo chicken wings before and I wanted to try. In preparation, I looked at several sauce recipes and methods for baking them. My buddy, Kyle, offered up his valuable tips, too. My research now becomes your go-to chicken wing recipe.

These are spicy, but not crazy spicy. If you bite right in (which I highly recommend you do) you’ll have some warm lips. The sauce has a mix of Frank’s and Sriracha and I was very pleased with the flavor combination. A vinegar bite from the Frank’s and a complex and flavorful heat from the sriracha. This recipe doesn’t have a ton of butter and isn’t fried because I didn’t want the wings to be greasy or too decadent. Who says we have to wait for football season to make these? I intend to make them for dinner soon.

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  1. I love chicken drummies (isn’t it funny that the wings are called drummies, not the drumsticks?)! For me, the spicier the better, with plenty of cold beer. I will have to give these a try.

    • Jess – Ooo…I like people that like spicy things πŸ™‚ You may want to add the optional cayenne, but the sriracha gave these some great flavor and nice heat.

  2. I watched the football game for the first time, but it was mainly to watch Beyonce! And because I was in seattle visiting friends, so that’s just what we did. I have been wanting to make wings for a long while and never tried. Love the addition of sriracha!!

    • Jeannette – Ha! I wonder how many viewers were more excited about Beyonce πŸ™‚ The sriracha was a last-minute change and I’m happy I tried it. It gives the sauce more personality, for sure.

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