Basil Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Basil Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Recipe // @nicoledula #recipe

Basil and summer go together like pb&j. I’ve been putting basil in dressings + pesto + salad, but my food brain wanted more. When we were in Nashville we had a mini strawberry pie with anise ice cream at 5th and Taylor. I am typically not drawn to anise-flavored things, but that barely sweet strawberry pie with rich anise ice cream was a delight. And when I saw a recipe for basil chip ice cream in Bon Appétit, I felt like the anise-like flavors in the basil would be a similar treat. It’s creamy and sweet with the herbaceous basil and bitter dark chocolate fighting for your tastebuds’ attention. The best kind of fight.

Basil Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Recipe // @nicoledula #recipe

This recipe takes a few days because you cold-steep the basil ice cream base for a smoother basil flavor. I thought maybe it would be too off-the-wall for Marc, but he loved it. You can strain out the bits of basil from the ice cream base before churning it, but I kept it in. Those little basil bits are like nature’s sprinkles.

If you’re looking for a good ice cream scoop, we love our Zeroll 1016 scoop. As you hold it, the warmth from your hand heats the scoop and makes everything easier. You have to hand wash and dry it when you’re done, but its a small price to pay for perfect ice cream scooping.

Basil Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Recipe // @nicoledula #recipe

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  1. What a genius little scoop! Genius ice cream, too — I’ve never tried cold-steeping but it makes sense that it would be smoother and all-around better. Patience is such a nice trait to have in the kitchen!

    • I love my ice cream scoop! True story: we got the recommendation from my brother-in-law’s old roommate who dated lots of ladies and was very particular about his fancy car/bike/AND ice cream scoop, ha! Sometimes having patience is so hard when you just want delicious results NOW, but cold-steeping is the way to go!

    • Thanks, Gabriel! If you really want the ice cream to be “all about the basil” then the dark chocolate probably gets in the way for some purists, but I loved it together. It can go head to head with mint chip for best summer flavor!

    • I feel the same way! Trying unique flavors means room for a new favorite flavor! We love, love our ice cream scoop. It’s classic and works great! Thanks, Amanda 🙂

  2. Oooh. I think cold steeping the basil is a really smart idea, Nicole! I’ve made a basil-y ice cream before, but steeped it warm. I bet doing it cold keeps that flavor so fresh. Also, I’m admiring your chocolate fleck game. They look perfect!

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