Beef Fajitas on the Fly

I enjoy fajitas, but hardly ever ate them because a.) I never had a good recipe and b.) I know ordering them at a restaurant is a “process”. Marc, on the other hand, loves the pomp and circumstance of ordering fajitas at a restaurant. He knows it means we have to back up for the steaming plate and all of the fajita toppings. I end up having to scoot my dinner plate to a far corner of the table to accommodate his many dishes.

My view of fajitas has changed, though. Through Twitter and Alison, I found an easy beef fajita recipe that is as delicious as it is quick. Double score! I made this recipe for the first time one Saturday afternoon and Marc could not get over how good the fajitas were. He said they were better than the fajitas he’s ordered in restaurants and I’ve been making them ever since.

I thought that these might lack flavor from the small ingredient list, but luckily I was wrong. The paprika, cumin, oregano and jalapeno give the steak the right amount of smokiness and a very slight kick. The lime (or blood orange) juice adds that wonderful hint of acidity that complements all of the other flavors. I added to the original directions below because I like to be clear, but they come together quickly.

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