Beef Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff Recipe from Dula Notes

My Mom said that she hasn’t seen this much snow since the year I was born. There was a famous Michigan blizzard that year. Most of my friends wouldn’t agree with me, but I’m kind of loving all the snow. I’ve been wearing my winter boots almost every day, putting on my warmest sweaters and I’m considering the purchase of long underwear. If you have the right gear, it’s all good. Marc has been shoveling the snow most days and walks in with the rosiest cheeks and snowflakes in his wild hair and beard. It’s pretty cute.

We had a fire in our fireplace last night and it’s very cozy, especially with warm socks on and a fuzzy blanket thrown over myself. Snowy times call for comfort food. I decided to use this winter to perfect my beef stroganoff recipe and now I’m ready to share it with you. I like to use strips of tender beef sirloin instead of ground beef and fresh cremini mushrooms to avoid canned soups.

Beef Stroganoff Recipe from Dula Notes

I get the extra-wide egg noodles because I just can’t have beef strogonaff without them and that touch of paprika really makes a difference. It’s worth coming out from under my fuzzy blanket to eat.

Beef Stroganoff Recipe from Dula Notes

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  1. I love beef stroganoff! Always and forever with egg noodles and no canned soup or ground beef. This sounds perfect for your chilly weather.

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