Blood Orange Heart Scones

More scones? Yes! This little blog is where I share with you what inspires me. It’s usually a seasonal ingredient or an enthusiastic recommendation from a fellow food blogger. These winter citrus scones have provided me with oodles of inspiration because every time I check, there’s a new batch of citrus at the grocery store and I wonder how it will change the flavor of these scones. I thought I had gotten these out of my system, but then blood oranges stepped onto the scene. I grabbed a big bag of them and started envisioning a pink-hued glaze over fresh baked scones. The minute the fiery curls of zest fell into the bowl, I knew that making these was the right thing to do. Who needs mystery food coloring when these are naturally full of  the prettiest colors? Valentine’s Day is coming up and while I love chocolate, I thought these citrus scones with blood orange would be a lovely way to tell your valentine how much they mean to you. I used a little heart cookie cutter to cut the scones into heart shapes. They are so precious, you’ll want to pinch their little cheeks.

I have now made this recipe 4 times and feel I am semi-pro at it. I have adapted the last recipe slightly and have changed the recipe below to reflect those changes. This time I used 1/2 whole wheat pastry flour and no tenderness was sacrificed. In fact, I forgot that I had even used it until after breakfast was over.

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  1. Adorable! At this time of year, I go citrus crazy (guess it’s a good thing – I’m probably getting tons of vitamin C!). I’m new to baking with citrus but basically obsessed with it. Blood oranges are my favorite, too!

    • Kasey – Gosh, I love blood oranges, too. They are magical! I was thinking the same thing about the extra vitamin C being a good thing, especially when everyone seems to have a cough!

      Heather – Your comments are so thoughtful and I am elated you share my passion for scones. I was thrilled with the pretty color the icing turned out to be. I finally was able to try the whole wheat pastry flour and it works marvelously!

      Redmenace – Thank you, Robin! I think you should enjoy heart scones and tea while cuddling little Maeve 🙂

  2. You can post as many scone recipes as you like. I will always be running back to your blog, because (as I’m sure you’ll agree) there is NO such thing as too many scones. All the possibilities! I’ve baked several batches of heart-shaped scones, but never with a dainty pink icing. These flavors sound marvelous. Will keep my eyes peeled for blood oranges at the market.



  3. Mmm, love blood oranges, just candied some today! Their color just makes me swoon and the taste is fabulous. I love that you have tested out this recipe so many times, and that you tried to replace some of the flour with wheat to make them more healthy, well done. Heart healthy scones in the shape of a heart! 🙂

    • Cilantropist – Mmmm…candied blood oranges. I love subbing in whole wheat flour when I can and I appreciate it in your recipes as well! Still thinking about those animal crackers 🙂

      Kimberley – Thank you for not holding my scone spree against me 🙂

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