Bourbon Cinnamon Tiramisu

Bourbon Cinnamon Tiramisu Recipe // Dula Notes

It’s really hard to believe that Christmas is next week already. We had our first big snowfall over the weekend and decided to act snowed in. We had a fire going in the fireplace, watched movies, and wrapped Christmas presents. Marc watched Fargo and Say Anything for the first time and one day I’m going to insist he watches The Goonies and The Princess Bride. I only did a few necessities on my to-do list. I washed my hair, but did nothing else to it all weekend. At one point Marc said my hair was “kind of crazy,” dashing my hopes that it was messy cute. It was a spectacular weekend.

Bourbon Cinnamon Tiramisu Recipe // Dula Notes

Bourbon Cinnamon Tiramisu Recipe // Dula Notes

Tiramisu is the perfect lazy day dessert. It’s been a few years since it was my go-to dessert, but the big containers of mascarpone were on sale and I just had to make it. You know, food fate. This time I added cinnamon and bourbon for a holiday take on tiramisu. If tiramisu sounds intimidating, let me assure you that it is very easy. As I was making it, I thought to myself that it really is the perfect dessert. There are only a few ingredients, it’s no-bake, easy to assemble, and tastes better the next day. The combination of coffee, cinnamon, and bourbon flavors come together beautifully. The 9×13 feeds a crowd and it would really impress at a Christmas or New Year’s Eve party.

Bourbon Cinnamon Tiramisu Recipe // Dula Notes

Grab some ladyfingers and pull that bourbon off of your cute bar cart, you have tiramisu to make!

Easy Bourbon Cinnamon Tiramisu Recipe // Dula Notes

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  1. Yes!! Bourbon and Tiramisu… that is a winning combination.. and he has to watch The Goonies..that’s just one of the best movies evah!! Happy Holidays to you.. 🙂

  2. I love this entire post! I know the feeling too of the messy hair thing! I’ve been there! haha

    This looks super tasty also! I think I need to make this soon for real. it really is so easy breezy, but is so impressive! And I love your addition of bourbon and cinnamon. Can’t go wrong!

    P.S. I want to hang out with you two again soon!

  3. YESSS. Tiramisu is one of those things I have yet to make buuut it needs to happen pronto! It’s way easier than I thought aaaand I can make cocktails and tiramisu at the same time with that bourbon.

  4. I’ve never made tiramisu but I’m bookmarking it since I always make a holiday dessert for the in-laws. This looks ideal – easy & fancy all at once! And I’m shocked that Marc hasn’t seen any of those movies before. Time for a movie edumacation!

    • It would be perfect for sharing with your in-laws! I know, I can’t believe Marc has missed all of these classics!

  5. Oh how fun! We don’t ever have the opportunity to act like we’re snowed it…maybe I should re-create this scenario next time it rains 🙂

  6. Nicole, I remember the first time we hung out with you guys many many years ago. We went to dinner I believe then headed back to your apartment at the time where you impressed us with your tiramisu! What fond memories! You had me at my first “bite”!

    • Laura! I had forgotten about that time in our little apartment! I’m grateful for all of our good times together 🙂

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