Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower // Dula Notes

Success! I made it through the busy weekend with love and appreciation in my heart and a bit of numbness in my right hand from making big fringe. But it’s all good! Matt and Meg (brother-in-law and future sister-in-law) were so pleased and everything turned out great. Meg’s Mom, Pat, is the cutest and we had lots of fun setting up the decor on Friday before the Saturday morning shower.

Bridal Shower // Dula Notes

I have now made these popovers at least 4 times. They are simple to make and completely delicious. They were perfect for the shower because they were savory and tasted great at room temperature. I guess it’s time to share the recipe, huh? The original recipe comes from Adrianna’s Pancakes cookbook for full sized cheddar herb popovers and soon I’ll share my mini popover version of the recipe. We planned for a party of mini food to cut down on the need for utensils and because it’s just cuter that way. You can do that when 99% of the guests are women.

Bridal Shower // Dula Notes

The big fringe garland was a big hit! It makes such a huge impact and adds a great pop of color. I used the Oh Happy Day tutorial with tips, advice and encouragement from Megan, who made them for her adorable Valentine’s Brunch. Thanks, Megan!

Bridal Shower // Dula Notes

We covered the tables with white tablecloths and used kraft brown paper as a table runner to continue our girly/vintage/rustic/modern theme, ha. Pat and I saved cans from our kitchens and from our family and friends’ kitchens for months. I painted some of mine with metallic gold Patio Paint (that’s the brand) that I found at Michael’s and I used a small foam brush. It looks pretty uneven and ugly after the first coat, but after 2-3 coats, it has a nice matte metallic gold finish. I loved the mix of the painted and natural silver tin cans. Pat ordered a bunch of flowers from the florist to mix into the vases and we had lots of fun coming up with new combinations for our trios of cans for each table. Pat let me cut the fuchsia garden roses from her backyard, too, which were my favorite.

Bridal Shower // Dula Notes

It was hot out, but thankfully we had no rain. Pat bought the fans above on the sly and they were great for giving yourself a fan once the afternoon began to heat up. Pat came up with the idea to do a spice favor and I loved the idea! I had a few sources for spices and jars and then I went to Etsy for colored red striped twine, custom labels and custom Matt + Meg mint heart stickers for the top!

Bridal Shower // Dula Notes

Pat found some great vintage tablecloths and vintage fabrics for a pop of color on our food tables and on a couple of high-top tables we had for people who wanted to stand, eat and socialize. We were going for a casual affair where everyone felt comfortable.

Bridal Shower // Dula Notes

Meg’s Dad, Jay, did a wonderful job getting the yard ready for the shower. He was mowing, weed whipping and even picked up our lunch on Friday. Pat and I were really pleased with how everything looked once it was set up.

Bridal Shower // Dula Notes

The yogurt bar was my first big idea for the shower and we made sure there was some big fringe behind that, too! I like to sweeten my own yogurt because I find pre-sweetened yogurt too sweet, but I didn’t want to have to mix and taste all morning. I grabbed a big container of organic vanilla yogurt and mixed it with another container of organic plain yogurt. The sweetness level was perfect for adding fresh fruit, sliced almonds, dried fruit, homemade coconut almond granola and a touch of honey.

Bridal Shower // Dula Notes

Pat came up with the idea for a mimosa bar and during one of our meetings, Pat set up a tasting to make sure the champagne was dry enough to complement the juices and we picked our favorite juice flavors, too. We had orange juice, mango nectar and peach nectar. We also had cucumber and watermelon infused water which went over really well for that steamy day. I sliced and froze the watermelon in one even layer on a rimmed baking sheet overnight and then transfered the slices to resealable plastic bags until the party. They were the prettiest ice cubes you’ve ever seen!

Bridal Shower // Dula Notes

Bethany and Amanda were working it at the gift table! Our bride-to-be, Meg, requested an open house style shower and it went beautifully because of the hard work of those two ladies. They would introduce themselves (if the guest didn’t already know them) and then put the guest’s name on a sticky note and attached it to the gift. When Matt and Meg were free, they’d bring the gift over with the guest and Matt and Meg opened the gift. It was nice that each guest could have a personal moment and then eat and leave or stay and chat. I ordered the custom burlap bunting from Etsy, too, and everyone seemed to love it. Hearts everywhere!

Bridal Shower // Dula Notes

The beautiful bride-to-be is modeling one of the favors. She is such a special person and we all love her so much. The label on the favors said, “Pinch me! We’re getting married!” It was an all-purpose barbecue rub that we thought everyone could use.

Bridal Shower // Dula Notes

Bethany let me take a phone picture of her cup of yogurt complete with wooden polka dot spoon. My mother-in-law, Bonnie, brought the beautiful fresh fruit. She and my sister-in-law, Bethany, are the gals to have by your side when you’re pulling off an event like this. They were such a huge help!

Bridal Shower // Dula Notes

And one more phone pic of the yogurt bar! It was a beautiful day filled with lots of love. We can’t wait until August 17 to officially add Meg to the Dula family!

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  1. Ah, the hand numbness required for great decos. I love that big fringe! It looks perfectly done. Everything looks so lovely, and the yogurt bar… YUM.

    • I’m sure you could write a book on crafting hand numbness and other crafting adventures, huh? Thanks so much!

    • Thanks, Michelle! It’s a special kind of crepe paper that is thick and 20 inches wide. If you follow the Oh Happy Day link, there are a few online sources for the crepe paper.

  2. Super cute party!! I always mix my sweetened yogurts with plain yogurt – it’s totally the most perfect balanced bite that way 🙂

    • Thanks!! I was stressing about it all being too sweet until I thought to mix the two kinds of yogurt vanilla together. I never thought to do that at home, though. You always have the best ideas!

  3. The fringe looks great! I’m looking to do something similar for reception decor. What colors did you use? It’s kind of hard to tell on the Carte Fini page.

    • Thanks, Erica! I actually purchased from Paper Mart and found their crepe paper to be great quality and plenty thick. I purchased red, scarlet, dark pink and gold. Red and Scarlet are very close in color, but just a shade off.

  4. Hi Nicole

    We’re planning on doing the big fringe for our diy photo booth backdrop. Would you mind answering a few questions about it?

    How many rolls of the crepe paper did you need to use? We are in Canada, so I want to make sure I order the correct amount.

    Also, I noticed that Oh Happy Day said to cut the rolls in half, would that be across the width while it’s still on the roll?

    Any other tips you have would be appreciated.

    Thanks very much!

    • Hey there! It’s been a while now, but I’ll do my best to answer your questions! I ordered 9 rolls of crepe paper. I believe I cut the crepe paper in half length-wise. It’s best to unroll the crepe paper with a friend, gently tugging on both ends to get the kink out of the crepe paper. Then you can fold the crepe paper to a thickness that you can either cut through with sharp scissors or with a box cutter. The cutting to make the fringe is pretty intense, so if you don’t have sharp scissors, I highly recommend investing in some. I’ve twisted the big fringe like I did here for the bridal shower, but I’ve repurposed them twice for a photo backdrop and they almost work better without the twist to make an even backdrop. The twist reveals the wall behind it, so depending on what’s behind the big fringe, that might make a difference to you. Good luck!

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