Butter Chicken over Scrambled Eggs + Week 4 of Whole 30

Week 4 of Whole 30 recipes + a recipe for Butter Chicken over Scrambled Eggs // @nicoledula #whole30

It’s day 30 of whole 30, so what I’m eating today (recorded below) is more of a projection, but we made it! We cheated a little on our anniversary (day 26) and ordered flourless chocolate cake for dessert, but we stuck to the diet for the rest of the 30 days. This last week, our motivation was helped along by how good we’re feeling and we hope to continue eating with these principles in mind. We will be adding back beans, corn tortillas, a bit of dairy, chocolate and try to eat bread and sugar in moderation. We’ll see how that goes!

I feel like I’ve learned so much and if you’ve thought about giving whole 30 a try, I highly suggest it. I thought I was a pretty discerning person when it comes to food, but I still had more to learn about hidden sugar and cheap vegetable oil that is used for cooking and in dressings at many restaurants.

This last weekend, I was a little under the weather, so I had a lot of snack meals or we ate out because I didn’t have a ton of energy for cooking. I did want to share this recipe for buttered chicken over scrambled eggs because I think you’ll love it. It reminds me a bit of Marcella Hazan’s famous tomato sauce with an Indian twist.

I created a new whole 30 pinterest board where I’ll continue pinning whole 30 recipes or recipes that need slight modification to work. Start following along if you’d like!

Thoughts after 30 days of whole 30

  • I miss pizza + ice cream + chocolate, but hope to add it back in moderation.
  • We feel so good! Marc lost 15 pounds and I lost 5-7 pounds.
  • Putting together whole 30 meals is actually pretty easy because there are less side dishes to cook!
  • Our consumption of fruits and vegetables is up and helping us feel our best.
  • I love how this program challenged me to get creative and we have some new favorite recipes.

Day 22

breakfast: fresh strawberries

lunch: leftover butter chicken (recipe below)

dinner: salad with carnitas + guac + salsa + grilled veggies (Chipotle with added greens from my CSA)

snack: cherry pie Larabar + mango raspberry sorbet (adapted from this recipe) + fresh nectarine

Week 4 and a week of whole 30 meals // @nicoledula #whole30

Day 23

breakfast: grapes + coconut cream pie Larabar

lunch: scrambled eggs + avocado sprinkled with sea salt, black pepper + za’atar

dinner: Thai beef + portobello mushroom lettuce cups (recipe adapted from Martha Stewart)

Week 4 and a week of whole 30 meals // @nicoledula #whole30

Day 24

breakfast: kale + apple + frozen blueberries + coconut milk + chia seeds

lunch: CSA lettuce + tomato + hemp seed dressing

dinner: grilled chicken with za’atar + fresh cherries

snack: fresh nectarine + homemade curry cashews (recipe adapted from Eating Well, added tumeric + cayenne)

Week 4 and a week of whole 30 meals // @nicoledula #whole30

Day 25

breakfast: kale + pear + frozen blueberries + frozen raspberries + coconut milk + chia seeds

lunch: leftover grilled chicken with za’atar over CSA greens + hemp seed dressing

dinner: buttered cabbage (with ghee) + sunny side up egg

snack: fresh nectarine + homemade curry cashews

Week 4 and a week of whole 30 meals // @nicoledula #whole30


Day 26

breakfast: kale + pear + frozen blueberries + homemade almond milk + chia seeds

lunch: leftover buttered cabbage (with ghee) + sunny side up egg

dinner: pork belly + turbot filet in seafood saffron broth + flourless chocolate cake (anniversary dinner with cheats)

Week 4 and a week of whole 30 meals // @nicoledula #whole30

Day 27

breakfast: sweet potato skillet hash with poached eggs (restaurant)


dinner: fresh grapes + almond-stuffed olives

Day 28

breakfast: coffee with homemade almond milk

lunch: tomato basil soup + filet mignon + steamed broccoli (restaurant)

dinner: green salad with lemon vinaigrette + Hungarian sausage over onions, peppers and garlic scapes

snack: fresh strawberries

Week 4 and a week of whole 30 meals // @nicoledula #whole30

Day 29

breakfast: fresh strawberries

lunch: iced black tea

dinner:green salad with lemon vinaigretteperfect roast chicken (I added 2 sliced onions, garlic, rosemary, thyme and sage under the chicken while it cooked)

Week 4 and a week of whole 30 meals // @nicoledula #whole30

Day 30

breakfast: fresh strawberries

lunch: leftover Hungarian sausage over onions, peppers and garlic scapes

dinner: zucchini noodles with puttanesca sauce

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  1. Nicole, I loved seeing your Whole 30 dinners on Instagram! Such an inspiration and I’m so glad you guys feel good about doing it. I did Whole 30 last year and loved how it helped me kick my sugar and carb habit. I hope to do it again in a few months, mostly because I think my system needs a pizza cleanse 🙂

    • Thanks, Amy! I missed pizza so much, but it’s been good to take a step back and look at our diet. I’ve learned more than I thought I would!

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