Buttermilk Roast Chicken with Root Vegetables

This is my very first roast chicken. I used to eat it twice a week with my brother and parents, but this is the first time I made it for Marc and I. For a long time, Marc thought he was allergic to chicken because his throat would get scratchy or he’d get a serious case of hiccups or the chicken didn’t stay with him for long. I accepted this fact and incorporated more vegetarian and seafood meals into the rotation to close the gap. Most people are perplexed as to what I make for dinner if chicken isn’t part of the equation, but, we’ve done just fine, I think, for several years. Recently, Marc has been slowly testing out if things have changed for him and he thinks it might have. I bought an organic roasting chicken the day after he told me this news.

To be honest,  I wasn’t sad about the absence of overcooked, tasteless chicken breasts or those casseroles that use cans of soup, loads of sour cream and cheese to give the chicken flavor. Not being able to roast a chicken, though, was pretty sad. Coming across a good chicken thigh or drumstick recipe would also elicit a little sigh.

I eased us into chicken by roasting it whole and surrounding it with root vegetables. This particular recipe marinates the chicken in buttermilk for 24 hours and it’s what gives this chicken its tender meat and beautiful dark skin.

Buttermilk Roast Chicken with Root Vegetables Recipe // Dula Notes

Whether you’re a chicken rookie like me or looking for a new roast chicken recipe, this recipe is for you. You have to do the slightest bit of thinking ahead since the prep starts 2 days before you want to roast, but each step is quick and easy. Coarsely chopping the vegetables is the most work you’ll have to do. Pretty soon, you’ll have the incredible scent of roast chicken in the house.

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  1. We enjoy a roast chicken every couple of weeks, and I cannot imagine a life without it! Ok, I’m being dramatic, but I’m so glad you get to make roast chicken now! I have never seen a bird so dark and caramelized, and yours looks very good.

  2. It looks gorgeous!! And I’m totally shocked that you’ve never roasted a chicken before. It’s one of my favorite things to do – total comfort food. And I love the idea of marinating it in buttermilk which I’ve done for chicken parts but not the whole dang bird. Cool!

    • Thank, Jeannette! I’ve only made a handful of chicken recipes, but roasting was first on the list when I was given the green light! I thought the same thing about how often chicken parts are soaked in buttermilk, so why not the whole thing?

  3. that skin! I roast a few chickens a month, but I’ve haven’t tried the buttermilk method yet, I need to get on it…it looks amazing! I hope it was a win for Marc!

  4. This is such a nice recipe! I’ve never thought to marinate a roasted chicken in buttermilk. I’m a total buttermilk hoarder and will totally give this a try for our weekly chicken.

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