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At Home // Lavender Coconut Sugar Scrub

Lavender Coconut Sugar Scrub // Dula Notes

Every year it seems, my boss and I are astonished by how dry our skin becomes in the winter. We chat about it like it’s something new. This year I was determined to keep my skin looking healthy all year long. I started looking for moisturizing sugar scrubs with natural ingredients everywhere I went and then continued my search online. I did come across a few beautiful scrubs, but they were pretty expensive. I’ve had great success with a homemade face wash recipe and quickly realized a homemade sugar scrub was easy, too. Essential oils can be a bit pricey, but pick a… Continue reading

At Home // Toast

It seems I have always loved movies. Almost every Friday, my Dad would rent two movies and pick up pizza for family movie night. My Dad was pretty open to all movies, so we sort of watched it all. Romantic comedies, action, drama, sci-fi and horror filtered through our house and were back in the rental slot before midnight the next day. Hey, remember renting movies? These days, I particularly love a well-done independent movie, anything British and of course, I have my guilty pleasures (I just re-watched My Best Friends Wedding along with episodes of Dawson’s Creek and Felicity).… Continue reading

At Home // New Porch

All of the improvements to the front of our home started with a small amount of peeling paint on our shutters. The missing chips of paint left behind irregular white spots that were slowly driving me crazy. Should we just get the same dreary khaki paint the previous owners used and touch it up? Should we just choose another color and paint the shutters and the porch? Hey, that garage door is looking pretty sad and so are the house numbers and outdoor lights. Want to just rebuild the whole porch? These questions turned into a two month whirlwind of… Continue reading

At Home // New Garage Door

Before   A few weeks ago I was in the throes of new garage door indecisiveness. I love our mid-century brick ranch and didn’t want to ruin it by choosing the wrong garage door.   After! After having two companies come out for quotes and poring over brochures with terrible cartoonish drawings, we finally made a decision. I realize now that these pictures are pretty far away, but you get the idea, right? Our new door has long panels and plain glass windows on top. I am very happy with the choice of glass because the natural light that floods in… Continue reading

At Home // Anniversary

Wedding // Pair Tree Photography

Seven years ago I married Marc. I knew from the start we’d be good together, but being married to this wonderful man has been the brightest part of my life. I could honestly tell the two youngsters in these photos (if time travel were possible) that everything is going to be great. I can’t wait to see him after work and tell him about my day and hear about his. I love the way he fiddles with pandora trying to find the perfect station while I start dinner. If I’ve had a long day he offers to mix me up… Continue reading

At Home // Oil Cleansing Face Wash Recipe

Can I share a miraculous face wash with you? I’m sorry that this recipe is not for eating, but I am excited to share it. Much like my decision to cook and bake from scratch, I also like to know what’s in the beauty products I use. It can be difficult to find shampoos, deodorants, makeup and other natural beauty products that work well. I do not judge anyone for their personal choices, I am just always looking for healthier choices I can make. Here are some reasons why I hope you give this a try: #1. Whether you have… Continue reading

At Home // Wedding

There was a cake fight. Smooth dance moves. Two brave souls attempted Thriller. A brother and sister had some bonding time. But most of all, there was lots of love. Here are a few pictures of the event that has occupied all of my free time for over a year. It all turned out better than I imagined and the weather even cooperated with the most heavenly breeze. Sorry there is no recipe, but I plan on getting back into the kitchen this weekend for next week’s post!

At Home // Ugly Fruit

I’m not sure if this is Ugli or Ugly fruit, but I saw these at Whole Foods and I felt compelled to grab one. I’ve never tried one before and I love trying mysterious fruits and vegetables. Safer than mystery meat in my opinion, although I did just have 5 kinds of meat at an unusual restaurant last night. Ok, I guess I love all things mysterious. If you’ve never tasted one, it isn’t as sweet as an orange, but it isn’t sour, either. A mild citrus flavor. The slices are huge! Watch out when you bite into a slice,… Continue reading

At Home // Monster Cereal Flashback

Last week, I was bringing my Target items to the cashier and noticed a large display of Count Chocula, Franken Berry and Boo Berry. This display could not be ignored with its ultra-colorful boxes. There was even Franken Berry Fruit Tape. Yes, for real. For a minute I wondered if Count Chocula was as tasty as I remember. Now it’s time for the flashback….. My Mom did not often buy chocolate cereals and I can assure you that the cereal we did have was always, always on sale and a special treat. She had never purchased Count Chocula for me,… Continue reading

At Home // In Need of a Delicious Suggestion

This past weekend I decided to make ribs for the very first time and when I defrosted the rack that was packed by the butcher, there were 3! Time for a party, I say. We called up our good friends that live the next street over and asked if they’d be our guinea pigs for my first time trying ribs. We had a great time and shared many laughs, especially when we had ribs and corn on the cob stuck in our teeth. For dessert we shared toothpicks and mint floss. Ok, we had Spumoni ice cream, too. Shortly after… Continue reading