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At Home // Kitchen Herbs, a Dream Realized.

One of the things that immediately popped into my mind when we first purchased our home was, “I could have a window sill herb garden!” I unfortunately did not move very fast to make this little dream happen, but this morning we visited the Rochester farmer’s market and there they were, mini herbs! It suddenly became my Saturday morning mission to make that window sill garden happen. After purchasing our little herbs, we were onto terra cotta pots to put them in. We went to the good ol’ Home Depot and the plain terra cotta pots were either too small… Continue reading

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you.

My darling husband did hours of research and gave me the most amazing Christmas gift. The Nikon D90 DSLR. Once I found out about the price tag, I soon realized I was pretty obligated to learn as much as I can about the camera. I have been taking local classes on how to use my camera. I have now completed 2 classes of 4 sessions each and I’m starting to feel comfortable with my new friend. Our class was suppose to have¬† a photo shoot at a nearby park, but the threat of rain caused our teacher to cancel. It… Continue reading

At Home // The Other Woman.

On a random Thursday evening my husband decided we needed a new computer. He had a difficult day, so I indulged him. Before I could catch on to what was happening, we were walking out of the Apple Store with a 24″ iMac. Those sneaky Apple workers! It is monstrous. It was large in the Apple Store with 20 foot ceilings, but when we brought it back to our humble 60’s ranch it was like the Griswolds bringing that giant Christmas tree into the house.¬† Through all of my initial hesitations, I’m really loving the new computer. We haven’t actually… Continue reading