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Food Adventure // Chapman House

For our anniversary, we tried the newly opened restaurant, The Chapman House, with our good friends, Bruce and Nancy Chapman. You have to bring a couple of Chapmans to the Chapman House, right? This new restaurant is very close to where I work and I’ve had my eye on the renovation. The Chapman House was under renovation for 3 years, while the new owners stayed true to the home’s original finishes. It belonged to the president of Rochester Savings Bank, William Clark Chapman, and remained in the family until 1973, when it was sold and used commercially. It’s fitting that we… Continue reading

Food Adventure // Mabel Gray in Hazel Park, Michigan

Mabel Gray Restaurant in Hazel Park, Michigan // @nicoledula

We went to the new restaurant, Mabel Gray, with friends on Halloween night and I was charmed from the moment I walked in. First of all, 90’s Janet Jackson was playing and I wanted to start dancing plus high five the person in charge of the music. Instead, a big smile crossed my face and I took in the whole place. Warm and friendly smiles from behind the bar greeted us and some of the staff was dressed for Halloween. I noticed a few distinctive and trendy Hedley & Bennet aprons, too. Everything looked polished and organized. The restaurant is small, 42… Continue reading

Food Adventure // Lunch with Wolfgang Puck

Lunch with Wolfgang Puck at The MGM Grand Detroit // @nicoledula

Last week I had lunch with Chef Wolfgang Puck! It’s all a blur now and I still can’t believe it happened. I received a short email on Thursday morning asking if I would like to have lunch with him and later I found out that I’d be one of 6 people. Whoa. The first thing I did was freak out a little. The second thing I did was text Megan to ask if she was going and SHE WAS. We made carpool plans and I tried to figure out what to wear to such an event. I ended up in… Continue reading

Food Adventure // Crane’s Apple Orchard in Fennville, Michigan

Today we’re having one of those gray days you don’t mind because the fall colors are more vibrant against the pale sky. It seems like a good day to share another gray (but fun!) day I had earlier in the week with my sisters-in-law. My little nephew was baptized last Sunday, so the family gathered in Holland, Michigan to celebrate. I stayed 2 extra days after the weekend along with my sister-in-law Meg and niece Molly for a “sisters weekend” complete with theme song we made up. We went to the farmers market, shopped downtown, went to Target for necessities including… Continue reading

Food Adventure // Bon Bon Bon Chocolate Making Class

Bon Bon Bon Chocolate Making Class in Hamtramck, Michigan // @nicoledula

Last week, my friend MyThy texted me that Bon Bon Bon had chocolate making classes available at their Hamtramck location. I looked at the schedule and of course, chose the first available class. We also asked Amy if she could possibly pry herself away from her adorable little babe for a few hours and she came, too! Alex and Margie set up six stations with the ingredients to make different bons and everyone partnered up. We had everything to make #2 High Tea – earl grey tea dark chocolate ganache + hemp seed nougat + smoke sugar + cornflower petals, #23… Continue reading

Food Adventure // Gold Cash Gold in Detroit, Michigan – Trip 2

Gold Cash Gold in Detroit, Michigan // @nicoledula #Detroit

You might remember that I already shared a great lunch we had at Gold Cash Gold in the spring during our Day Off in Detroit, but our recent visit was even better than the first. The light was dreamy and the dishes were gorgeous and it seemed a shame to just have these photos hanging out on my phone. I skipped lunch to properly prepare for this meal and started with Frida’s Blue House cocktail, inspired by the Frida Kahlo + Diego Rivera exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Arts. My girl, Megan has posted this pretty blue drink on Instagram before, so… Continue reading

Travel // Louisville, Kentucky City Guide 2015 – Day 1

Travel // Louisville, Kentucky City Guide 2015 - Day 1

Marc and I took a week off and went to Louisville and Nashville. We packed quite a bit into our vacation, so this will be a multi-part series. I’ll attach links to each post and on the final post, I’ll attach every link for easy reference. I’ll also include the great city guides I referred to that might be helpful to you if you’re planning your own trip. Louisville is a pretty place and one look around reveals it’s really growing. We learned through Uber drivers that the downtown area didn’t used to be a destination, but now there is lots… Continue reading

Food Adventure // Gold Cash Gold in Detroit, Michigan

Gold Cash Gold Detroit // @nicoledula

For our day off in Detroit, I was secretly hoping we’d end up at Gold Cash Gold for a late lunch. I always make a little list of restaurants when adventuring because you never know what you’re in the mood for when the time comes. It seems like everyone has been talking about this restaurant since it opened. We arrived after the lunch crowd, but before the Friday dinner crowd and had the place to ourselves. You’re first struck by the sheer beauty of the place. The inner door is made from colorful stained glass. Wood and burlap elements accent the… Continue reading

A Day Off In Detroit

Marc and I took a day off together last Friday and we spent it in Detroit, ticking off places we’d wanted to visit for a long time. We started with breakfast at Rose’s Fine Food. It’s a sweet little spot with creative, seasonal food. Strangely enough, Marc had been inside this same building when he was a kid and it was a typical diner. The star of our meal was Marc’s choice of Eggy’s Shrimp Boat. It was heirloom rice with kimchi, scallions, Michigan shrimp and a poached egg. It was incredible. The housemade toast was perfect on the side. Our… Continue reading

Food Adventure // New Bon Bon Bon Shop in Detroit

I’ve already shared my love for Bon Bon Bon when I visited their Hamtramck location last year, but the Bon Bon Bon gals were kind enough to invite me to an early glimpse of their new shop in Detroit. The Detroit location opens for business on Thursday, April 16 and will be open Monday-Saturday. It occupies a cozy corner of the Chrysler House building  and is colorful with orange walls, their adorable pink and red logo and stacks of the corrugated cardboard they use to pack up their chocolates. We sipped on champagne and tried a bunch of chocolates, basically having chocolate… Continue reading