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Love for Detroit + 313 Day 2015

Love for Detroit // @nicoledula

It’s 3/13 today and in celebration, a bunch of Detroit bloggers are celebrating 313 Day, the area code for Detroit. We’re spreading some Detroit love with blog posts dedicated to what we love about this fine city. Even after several visits, I know I haven’t even scratched the surface. I did finally try late-night coney dogs at both Lafayette and American and feel pretty legit now. If you’re curious, we thought Lafayette won with a slight edge for better chili and a great snap to the hot dog. There’s so much to see, do, and eat in Detroit. You could spend an… Continue reading

Food Adventure // Selden Standard in Detroit, Michigan

Selden Standard in Detroit, Michigan // @nicoledula

Marc and I had an afternoon off together, so I talked him into going to Detroit and trying a new restaurant. He really is so patient with my food obsession. It was between 2 new places, but one was closed on Mondays, so Selden Standard was the place. We pulled into the parking lot and saw that it was busy, but not crazy busy. We arrived around 1:30 for lunch. It’s important to note that they are open 11-2:30 for lunch and then 5-10 for dinner. We were greeted by the friendly and beautiful Natasha, fiancée of executive chef Andy… Continue reading

Gingerbread Terrarium Party

Molly's Gingerbread Terrariums // @nicoledula

If you didn’t catch these gingerbread terrariums over on Molly’s blog, you have to check them out. She’s so creative it kills me. And then another super creative lady that I love, Megan, decided to have a gingerbread terrarium party! And can you believe I was lucky enough to be invited? I brought some mason jars, a rolling pin, marzipan and a sticky gingerbread cake. I highly recommend that easy cake recipe if you want to make your own terrariums. We made succulents out of marzipan with green and teal food coloring. Megan had tons of fun sprinkles, crumbled graham crackers,… Continue reading

Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving 2014 @nicoledula

I had the best Thanksgiving and I hope you did, too. I started things off right with a pumpkin cronut on Wednesday morning. The flaky layers! The pumpkin pie filling! After work we drove to the west side of Michigan and saw several people pulled over for speeding and one car on fire in the median. I hope everyone was ok, but I like that you never know what’s going to go down on a holiday weekend. Did I ever tell you about the time two guys almost got into a fist fight over our table at a restaurant? I think… Continue reading

Food Adventure // Bon Bon Bon in Hamtramck, Michigan

Bon Bon Bon in Hamtramck, Michigan // @nicoledula

Alexandra Clark, owner of Bon Bon Bon in Hamtramck, has captured my heart with her perfect chocolate shop. From the practical yet completely stylish packaging to her gorgeous and delicious chocolates, I am smitten with every detail. Bon Bon Bon is tucked into a charming residential street and is open from 10-9:30 every Saturday. I wish that pink and red Bon Bon Bon logo was my life logo, it’s just the cutest. On our last visit to Detroit, I told Marc that I NEEDED to go to Bon Bon Bon. We had some errands to run in the city and… Continue reading

Travel // Traverse City, Michigan 2014

Traverse City has my heart and I think you’ll love it, too. It’s beautiful, friendly and good food is everywhere. The restaurants, wineries and breweries proudly share their cooperations with local farms, bakeries and cheese producers. It’s my kind of place. Scroll to the bottom of the post for links to everywhere we went. Lots of photos ahead! We stayed in a condo at The Village at Grand Traverse Commons, a thriving community that is a repurposed state mental hospital. It sounds pretty creepy, but the hospital treated their residents with respect and kindness. The hospital closed after the advancement… Continue reading

Food Adventure // Wright & Company in Detroit, Michigan

Wright & Company in Detroit, Michigan // Dula Notes

When Marc was given tickets to a Detroit Tigers game last Friday, I couldn’t help thinking about where we would eat. Detroit has an array of exciting new restaurants and old favorites I still need to get to. The internet has been buzzing about Wright & Company in Detroit and happily it was within walking distance of Comerica Park. Wright & Company is located on the second floor of a Queen Anne style brick building. The menu shares the history of the building which was completed in 1891 for a retailer of musical instruments. A few decades later the building became the Wright-Kay jewelry… Continue reading

Detroit Tigers Game 2014

Detroit Tigers Game // @nicoledula

I love simple living and cherish my quiet neighborhood, but it’s also nice to be 45 minutes from Detroit. It always amazes me that although Marc and I are not big sports fans, we get invited to at least one Tigers game a year. The perks of living in Metro Detroit. This time a co-worker of Marc’s couldn’t use her season tickets and offered them to us. She wouldn’t take our money, so I made her chocolate chip cookies. There’s something electric about going to a baseball game. My dad used to take my brother and I to the old… Continue reading

AMC Best Picture Showcase 2014

AMC Best Picture Showcase 2014 // Dula Notes

I’ve wanted to share this with you for years, but just never had the photo evidence. Since 2008, I have been going to AMC Theater’s Best Picture Showcase. You buy your ticket and on the day of the event they hand you a lanyard to get in and out of the theater and a booklet with the synopsis of each film. To see if an AMC theater near you participates, go online after the Oscar nominations are announced. That first year, only 5 films were nominated for best picture and the all-day movie event was the Saturday before the Oscars. I… Continue reading