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Travel // Nashville, Tennessee – Part 2

Check out Part 1 of our Nashville trip! Wednesday We had dinner plans with friends for Wednesday night and armed with my map, we decided to see where the day would take us. We headed to East Nashville for lunch at The Silly Goose. We commented more than once that Nashville felt like several cities in one. Each neighborhood was unique, yet only a few minutes from each other. The variety allowed us to take advantage of something new every day of our week’s stay. The Silly Goose was one of my favorite spots for its unique decor, lively kitchen,… Continue reading

Travel // Nashville, Tennessee: Part 1

Check out the start of our roadtrip in Columbus! Sunday My nose was in a book for the rest of the drive, but I occasionally looked up to admire my favorite puffy clouds suspended in a bright blue sky. It was the most beautiful day for traveling. The sun cast a warm glow on me, but the cool temperatures in the high 60’s and low 70’s , kept the temperature inside of the car amazingly comfortable. After about 6 hours in the car from Columbus, we were closing in on Nashville. I expected to see the cityscape much sooner than… Continue reading

Travel // Columbus, Ohio

Travel // Columbus, Ohio // Dula Notes

I have so much to tell you about Nashville, but  first, I must tell you about our weekend in Columbus. We made a little side-trip to Columbus, Ohio to visit our friends, Kyle and Allison, because it’s conveniently about halfway between our home and Nashville. We packed the car right after work on Friday and we were officially in vacation mode. Friday On our last roadtrip, I started reading books aloud and I decided to plan for that again. I have too many books on my bookshelf to justify buying an audio book and chose a couple to bring along.… Continue reading

Travel // Day Trip to Grand Rapids, Michigan

My sister-in-law, Bethany, was graduating with her master’s degree and we definitely wanted to be at the ceremony to celebrate her big accomplishment. Marc and I decided to take Friday off and so did Marc’s brother, Matt, and his fiancee, Meg. I had a list of things to do that I thought would be fun until the graduation ceremony in Grand Rapids, but there was no race to check everything off the list. I wanted to have a relaxed, fun time.   Our first stop was Marie Catrib’s (a restaurant from my Where I Want to Eat in 2012!) We walked… Continue reading

Travel // Weekend Trip to West Lafayette, Indiana

Our weekend included a trip 3 hour trip west to visit my parents and then another 3 1/2 hours south to West Lafayette, Indiana to see two good friends get married. I left my Nikon at home and opted to use my phone for quick pictures during the weekend. I was just looking at them and I love my picture diary of everything we did. I thought  you might want to see it, too. First thing’s first. When you’re going away for a long weekend, you have to finish up the odds and ends in the refrigerator. Both were well-stocked… Continue reading

Travel // California Trip 2011 – Part 2

Click here to read part 1! Wednesday Sonoma We took our time that morning figuring out which Sonoma wineries would be best to visit and tried to remember the good tips from Tracy and Kasey the night before. Kelly printed out maps for us while Marc highlighted the wineries. We were off to Sonoma to do some wine tasting and spend the night at the amazing Gaige House. Our initial plan was to stop in Glen Ellen for lunch, which was near the hotel and then head up one hour north to a few wineries in Healdsburg. It was a… Continue reading

Travel // California Trip 2011 – Part 1

I usually plan things out far in advance, but this year we made a quick decision that it was time to go on vacation and a week later, we had tickets to California. We are lucky to have great friends living in San Ramon that offered to let us stay with them. We’ve been to the Bay Area before, but I feel like you can never do it all. This time around, I wanted to go to Sonoma, meet up with a couple Bay Area food bloggers and make plenty of time to spend with our friends. We ate some… Continue reading

Travel // Traverse City, Michigan

Even though there are many places we’d love to visit, we have long wanted to go to Traverse City, Michigan. Since it is only a four hour drive from our home, it was easy to get around and investigate all of the great tips our friends and family offered. Traverse City shares the same climate as the Rhine region of Germany and produces wonderful Rieslings along with other fantastic wines. We enjoyed some wonderful dry Rieslings for those of you that find them too sweet for your taste. We had some bold reds, unique Rosé and fantastic Pinot Grigio and… Continue reading

Travel // Charleston, South Carolina

Two Meeting Street Charleston, SC // Dula Notes

Marc and I spent 3 lovely days in Charleston, SC for our anniversary. I had always wanted to go, but had no idea how charming and beautiful Charleston was. Our accommodations were at Two Meeting Street, a lovely Bed and Breakfast that spoiled us completely. The cherry on the sundae was that Charleston offered the most amazing food. Here’s the run-down on where we stayed, what we did and what we ate. Accommodations Two Meeting Street Inn B&B This place was amazing! The house was built in 1892 as a wedding gift from father to daughter. Daddy even had the… Continue reading