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Cheesecake with Pomegranate-Vanilla Bean Cranberry Sauce

I’ve tried to find out who started making this cheesecake in Marc’s family and I think I’ve traced it back to Marc’s (honorary) Aunt Ruthie, his grandma’s good friend. I wish I knew the cookbook or magazine it was clipped from, but we may never know. Marc’s grandma and mom have made this cheesecake for years and it’s been a staple at many family gatherings throughout our 15 years together. Every time I see it, I get excited because it’s creamy and wonderful and has lots of good memories attached to it. If you can believe it, I’ve never made… Continue reading

Vegan Peanut Butter + Cacao Nib Granola Bars

Vegan Peanut Butter + Cacao Nib Granola Bars Recipe // @nicoledula

The Sunday after Christmas, we drove from my mom and dad’s in west Michigan back home to celebrate with Marc’s family. We left pretty early and stopped at our favorite coffee shop Lemonjello’s. We ordered lattes and some freshly made energy bars. We loved the chewy texture and the hearty ingredients that tasted great and kept us full until lunch. After that first bite, I wanted to try making my own. I loaded these vegan, no-bake bars with all of our favorite things. There’s peanut butter, sliced almonds, cacao nibs, hemp seeds and coconut. They’re quick and easy to make, too. You’ll… Continue reading

Homemade Granola Squares

Homemade Granola Squares Recipe // Dula Notes

I do love granola as a healthy snack with its crunchy clumps and toasted flavor, but I was in need of something portable. My buddy, Meg, asked me to go wedding dress shopping with her and we had a pretty tight schedule. Treating this activity like the endurance sport it is, I decided we needed a snack with healthy fats to keep us going. My first thought of granola was dashed when I pictured stray oats stuck to the fabric in her car. I needed portable granola squares. The texture was soft and a bit crumbly, but the kind of crumb that… Continue reading

Nutella Pretzel Bars 2012

Nutella Pretzel Bars 2012 Recipe // Dula Notes

We just returned from our roadtrip to Nashville and I am currently overwhelmed by love for that city. I went through over 300 camera and phone pictures and am trying to turn all of that into a post. It may have to be split into 2 or maybe 3 posts, eek!  In the meantime, I thought you’d enjoy this update on one of my favorite recipes. I made this recipe back in December of 2010 because one day I was in need of a snack and I dipped Marc’s salty pretzels in a jar of Nutella I had in the pantry.… Continue reading

Tender Shortbread

Tender Shortbread Recipe // Dula Notes

This recipe is an all-time favorite of mine and I’ve been meaning to share it for years, yes, years! My fantastic boss, Pam, once told me that she is not a big cake fan, but she can’t resist shortbread. Two years ago I started making tender shortbread for her birthday and it has since become an end of April tradition. She seems to love the tradition and who am I kidding, I look forward to it, too.   It all starts with a good dose of fresh butter and then you add a short list of ingredients. The quality of… Continue reading

Sea Salt Ginger Brownies

I think many of us go a bit crazy for all things spice when the weather cools. Crisps, cookies and waffles get that extra pinch of something and our spice jars get a real workout. It’s time the beloved brownie is included in the mix. These brownies are kind of fancy. Not only do these have great chocolate flavor, there’s also “a lot going on” as one friend described it. You get a kick from the fresh ginger plus warm spices and a salty accent in every bite. I love the texture, too. Fudgy, as I feel brownies should be.… Continue reading

Whole Lemon Bars

Whole Lemon Bars Recipe // Dula Notes

I have fond memories of lemon bars. When we were first married, I moved from one side of Michigan to the other. I did not have a job at first, but there was plenty to do to get settled into our new apartment and we thought we had some time. Unexpectedly, my husband lost his job at a profitable company that sadly was never good at the book-keeping. While Marc was lining up interviews, I was trying to find recipes for inexpensive meals. He was quickly offered several jobs and the pressure was off, but our fresh-out-of college selves wanted… Continue reading

World Nutella Day

Today is World Nutella Day and I am all for celebrating the wonderful creamy spread. I will include a link to my two favorite Nutella recipes in this post and they are both so easy that if you still want to jump on the Nutella bandwagon today, you can do it! Nutella and Strawberry Mini Pies Pie crust, Nutella and strawberries make magic. Nutella Pretzel Bars Easy, sinful and the ultimate salty and sweet snack.

Nutella Pretzel Bars

Nutella Pretzel Bars Recipe // Dula Notes

Pretzels dipped in Nutella is a fantastic thing. I discovered it accidentally when I had a craving for something salty and sweet and I had a half-used jar of Nutella in the pantry. I adore the crunch and salt from the pretzels swirled with a dollop of the creamy spread. I personally would be excited if someone brought pretzels and Nutella to a party of mine, but since that isn’t a “thing” yet, I thought this combination deserved to be turned into a dessert to share with friends. While ideas of pretzel truffles popped into my brain, I realized it… Continue reading

Cheesecake Swirl Brownies

How was your Thanksgiving? I hope really great. Mine was relaxing and I was sucked into a What Not To Wear marathon which I should be ashamed of. Clinton and Stacy have that formula down so well that they must be earning credits towards an honorary psychology degree somewhere. I am a sucker for the final reveal where the nominee is strutting confidently with their shoulders back. Enough about my reality t.v. marathon, I have yet to sort through my pictures from the long weekend and thought today I’d share these cheesecake swirl brownies from Smitten Kitchen. I made these… Continue reading