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Vegan Cashew Milk Hot Chocolate

Vegan Cashew Milk Hot Chocolate Recipe // @nicoledula

In 2015, I made an effort to try new brunch spots in and around Detroit. We did pretty well. One of our favorite places for dinner, Selden Standard, has a simple brunch menu, always choosing quality over quantity. I had hash while Marc had steak and eggs. We also split a side of tater tots and a cinnamon roll with mascarpone icing. It was my birthday after all. They also offer their own housemade cashew milk and as much as I wanted a glass, I felt I was at my threshold for ordering extras. I still wonder how it tastes,… Continue reading

Bourbon Grape Shrub Cocktail

Bourbon Grape Shrub Cocktail Recipe // @nicoledula

You now have some Concord Grape + Balsamic Shrub hanging out in your fridge, right? Let’s turn that into a pretty cocktail! I collaborated with Marc on this recipe because he does most of the shaker work in this house. I thought bourbon and orange would mix well with the grape shrub and together we worked it out. We’re really proud of this one. It tastes like a fancy craft cocktail you get at the hipster restaurants, but you can make this one at home. You get that sweet punch of grape, like that first rush of grape flavor from grape bubble gum,… Continue reading

Concord Grape + Balsamic Shrub

Concord Grape + Balsamic Shrub Recipe // @nicoledula

My sister-in-law has a tangle of wild concord grapes growing along her fence and she asked if I wanted some. I couldn’t say yes fast enough. After our sister trip last weekend, I snipped a bag full of grapes to take home. They are so fragrant that I thought the bag she gave me had perfume on it. Did I accidentally forage? I have wanted to make a shrub and I think Kimberley’s was the first recipe that got me excited about it. Just look at the color! I see that her post was back in 2011, whoa. Now 4… Continue reading

White Russian

White Russian Recipe // @nicoledula

Hey, I made another gif! This time to remind you of the decadent White Russian. You see, it made a comeback at the birthday party we recently threw for my Mom. Kahlua + Cream has always been her cocktail of choice, but we’d say, “What about a White Russian?” Her scrunched up face was the response. Marc tried to trick her and add a wee bit of vodka to her Kahlua and cream once, but she detected it immediately. Kahlua and Cream is a little sweet for us, but we do love a good White Russian. For the party, we… Continue reading

French Press Cold Brew Coffee with Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk Creamer

French Press Cold Brew Coffee with Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk Creamer Recipe // @nicoledula

I made my first gif! I hope you like it. And I made easy cold brew coffee and vanilla bean coconut milk creamer that you’ll want to drink all by itself. I just started drinking coffee, you guys. Even when going to coffee shops was the coolest thing in high school, I ordered hot chocolate. Then there was the famous incident when Marc and I were newlyweds and I ordered one of those sweet lattes piled high with whipped cream and I couldn’t sleep that night, so I started writing an autobiography. Marc still laughs about that one. Marc drinks… Continue reading

My Whisky Valentine Cocktail

My Whisky Valentine Cocktail Recipe // @nicoledula #womenanwhiskies

Blood oranges are the prettiest, aren’t they? One looks like a sunrise while another will be the deepest red throughout. That’s why I love making cocktails with them. Last year I made a gin cocktail mixed with an easy blood orange glaze and this year I made a whisky drink. We wanted to try this Glen Grant scotch whisky because we’ve never had it and couldn’t find anything under a fancy 16 year version. We sipped a little on the rocks and loved the fruity and smooth flavor. Then we turned it into this pretty little cocktail that we hope you… Continue reading

Apple + Blueberry + Beet Smoothie

Apple + Blueberry + Beet Smoothie Recipe // @nicoledula

A childhood friend of mine recently moved to metro Detroit and we made a lunch date to celebrate. We had the best chat, the kind you can only have with someone you’ve known since you were 6 years old. She showed me around her new house, talked about her kids, husband and remodeling plans. It’s sometimes funny to think of us as adults. Even though we have mortgages, jobs and husbands. During lunch I remember when we got glamour shots, the time I let her sister cut my hair and swimming in her pool. It made my heart happy to spend time… Continue reading

Almond Milk Bubble Tea Three Ways

Almond Milk Bubble Tea Three Ways // Dula Notes

Michigan has sunshine and (relatively) warm weather, let’s celebrate with bubble tea, ok? I really got into bubble tea last fall while visiting my friends in California. Not only does the East Bay area have gorgeous produce, delicious Mexican food and copious sunshine, they also have bubble tea shops everywhere. We had bubble tea every day of our trip. It was our thing. Well…after I told everybody, this should be our thing! You can imagine the hole in my heart when I came back to Michigan and found it hard to locate bubble tea. I did find one place nearby… Continue reading

Blood Orange Gin Cocktail

Blood Orange Gin Cocktail Recipe // Dula Notes

Remember that bonus recipe I was telling you about? Or did you just hear the part about Blood Orange and Vanilla Waffle Donuts? That’s ok, I completely understand. When I was left with extra glaze from the waffle donuts, I just couldn’t throw it out. It was too pretty and too perfect to go to waste. Marc said it would be great for making a cocktail and he was so right. Some cocktail recipes call for super fine sugar and citrus juice as separate ingredients, but the glaze takes care of both in one easy step. The cocktail below is a… Continue reading

Classic Manhattan

Our favorite little liquor shop is a family-owned business called Manny’s. It’s tucked into a strip mall, not far from work. Every time I walk in and say hello, Manny, with his buzzed white hair responds with a, “Hey beautiful! How are you doing sweet doll?” I’m sure he does that for all of the ladies. Manny could be 70 years old or he could be 90, I just can’t tell. I feel like he looks good for his age, though, because he’s certainly young at heart. He still works the register, piles on the compliments, puts your purchase in… Continue reading