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Pineapple Peachy Green Smoothie

While in college, I would sometimes go to the big mall that was about 25 minutes from my parents’ house. That seems like nothing now, but we lived in a smallish city where everything was about 10 minutes away. I couldn’t always afford to buy something during those unpaid teaching assistant and full-time class load days, but I used to indulge in a pineapple peach smoothie at the big mall. I’d park on the upper parking deck, the entrance closest to that smoothie place. I could grab my smoothie and browse at the Gap around the corner or take the… Continue reading

Brandied Sour Cherries

Brandied Sour Cherries Recipe // Dula Notes

I can’t be the only person that has fallen in love with tart cherries and then scrambled to use what I greedily hoarded, right? I wanted to have enough to make whatever I wanted, but the reality was that I had a sea of bright red cherries that filled my largest colander. As you know, I started with Mini Sour Cherry Hand Pies, which might be the tastiest recipe I’ve made this year, but I still had a pound and half of pitted sour cherries left. I put them in a plastic freezer bag with the intent to freeze and then I thought… Continue reading

Horchata Rum Cocktail

Horchata Rum Cocktail // Dula Notes

A long weekend awaits and while that’s already thrilling news, we also have a big family barbecue planned for Sunday. You might remember last year’s barbecue. Marc and I usually host it on Mother’s day, but we had our Tulip Time adventure that weekend instead. It turns out that waiting a few weeks leads to a better selection of spring produce and Copper River salmon is in season, too! We switch up the main course every year and we’re excited to grill up this flavorful and hyper-seasonal treat. I’m picking up the salmon I reserved at Whole Foods after my… Continue reading

Brown Rice Horchata

Brown Rice Horchata Recipe // Dula Notes

The first glass of refreshing horchata I ever had was at an authentic tamale and taco truck in my hometown. They ladled the cinnamon-flecked rice milk out of a plastic jug and into a glass filled with ice. I loved it immediately. I had another glass when we went to Mas Tacos in Nashville last fall and I very nearly ordered another glass for the road. If you’ve never had it, it’s sort of like drinking rice pudding. Well, except rice pudding is rich and full of texture and horchata is light and refreshing with the same flavors. For my version, I wanted… Continue reading

Homemade Vanilla Cinnamon Almond Milk and Almond Milk French Toast

Homemade Vanilla Cinnamon Almond Milk Recipe // Dula Notes

Strangely enough I’ve never tried store-bought almond milk. I guess I just always thought I’d make it at home one day and it would be another one of those things that is infinitely better when you make it at home. But now I can’t tell you, “You must make this at home, it’s soooo much better.” I can say that it’s pretty fantastic. This almond milk is lightly sweetened with a hint of vanilla and cinnamon. It’s delicious splashed in a bowl of granola and I recently found out it makes killer french toast. In fact, I think it’s worth… Continue reading

A Breakfast Smoothie Habit and 5 Smoothie Recipes

Berry Mandarin Green Smoothie Recipe // Dula Notes

For Christmas, I received a Vitamix blender. I didn’t ask for it because it seemed too extravagant, but now I’m happy Marc bought it. Before I had terrible luck with blenders and then this high-speed blender walked into my life. I now make smoothies almost every morning. At first I worried about the cost of buying smoothie ingredients in addition to the cost of the blender, but I was surprised by how reasonably priced smoothies are to make at home. It certainly is at least half the cost of purchasing a smoothie or coffee drink at your favorite to-go places. I’m also… Continue reading

Apple Cider Bourbon Cocktail

Apple Cider Bourbon Cocktail Recipe // Dula Notes

The temperature is noticeably cooler (38 degrees F this morning!) and the trees in the neighborhood are changing color. Fall is here and I’m ready for it. On my first day back from vacation, I went to the cider mill and picked up apple cider and fresh cinnamon and sugar doughnuts. I just had to. When I told Marc I bought doughnuts and cider, he was even more excited than expected because he had just passed the cider mill on his way home. The scent of fresh doughnuts being made was still on his mind. Later, I took a walk… Continue reading

Pineapple Mint Tequila Punch

Pineapple Mint Tequila Punch Recipe // Dula Notes

Cold beverages are incredibly alluring to me in the summer. I enjoy watching the beads of condensation form on the glass and feeling the ice-cold sip travel past my throat. I don’t often make batches of summer drinks, but wanted to for our 4th of July barbecue. My buddy, Meg, said her only request for the day was to relax and have an adult beverage in her hand. I happily obliged. I saw Tracy’s version of this punch and I changed it a bit to accommodate an abundance of tequila I had on hand. This is a great use for… Continue reading

Raw Sugar Simple Syrup

Raw Sugar Simple Syrup Recipe // Dula Notes

Simple syrup is one of the easiest things you can make. You only need a saucepan and a whisk. I like keeping a jar around because I appreciate a good cocktail now and then. It works great in non-alcoholic drinks, too. The beauty is that you can sweeten a drink to your taste without leaving behind crunchy granulated sugar in the bottom of your glass. No floaties. I like making simple syrup with turbinado or raw sugar for a deeper, caramel-like flavor. You can easily substitute regular granulated sugar and make a clear simple syrup, if you like. This raw… Continue reading

Watermelon Cooler with Fennel-Infused Vodka

The heat sometimes takes away our appetite and it’s a blessing considering we have avoided most of our favorite summer activities. On Sunday we played tennis for two hours, throwing our hands up and surrendering to sweat. It was fun, but towards the end I started to feel numbness in my jaw (um, what?) and we stopped to hop in the air-conditioned car and head home. Watermelon is one of those refreshing treats that I could eat all summer, appetite or no. Even at a good barbecue with all of the sides, I always have room for one sweet wedge… Continue reading