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Vegan Sea Salt Caramel Coffee Popsicles

Vegan Sea Salt Caramel Coffee Popsicles // @nicoledula #popsicleweek

It’s #popsicleweek, are you excited?!? If not, I’m pretty sure I’m excited enough for the both of us. This is the 4th year that Billy has gathered a bunch of bloggers to create magical frozen treats. Get your popsicle mold ready because you’re going to be craving pops like crazy after the week is through. My early favorite pops are these Cherry Vanilla Pie Pops made with a mochi crust!! I always make vegan pops, I don’t know why. Is there a Buzzfeed quiz to tell me? These pops are inspired by the coffee sea salt caramel ice cream I love… Continue reading

Basil Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Basil Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Recipe // @nicoledula #recipe

Basil and summer go together like pb&j. I’ve been putting basil in dressings + pesto + salad, but my food brain wanted more. When we were in Nashville we had a mini strawberry pie with anise ice cream at 5th and Taylor. I am typically not drawn to anise-flavored things, but that barely sweet strawberry pie with rich anise ice cream was a delight. And when I saw a recipe for basil chip ice cream in Bon Appétit, I felt like the anise-like flavors in the basil would be a similar treat. It’s creamy and sweet with the herbaceous basil and bitter dark chocolate… Continue reading

Vegan Chocolate-Dipped Avocado Popsicles

Vegan Chocolate-Dipped Avocado Popsicles Recipe // @nicoledula #popsicleweek

It’s popsicle week! That magical time of year when food bloggers show their undying love for this frozen treat. I can’t wait to see what everyone is making, so head over to Popsicle Prince Billy’s blog and check in all week for what’s new. And check out the official Pinterest board of popsicle week hosted by Munchie’s. I knew immediately what I wanted to make this year. I had to recreate my Las Paletas avocado popsicle with chocolate dip I had in Nashville. And because I couldn’t stop at the chocolate dip, I also sprinkled them with roasted pistachios and Maldon sea… Continue reading

Apple + Blueberry + Beet Smoothie

Apple + Blueberry + Beet Smoothie Recipe // @nicoledula

A childhood friend of mine recently moved to metro Detroit and we made a lunch date to celebrate. We had the best chat, the kind you can only have with someone you’ve known since you were 6 years old. She showed me around her new house, talked about her kids, husband and remodeling plans. It’s sometimes funny to think of us as adults. Even though we have mortgages, jobs and husbands. During lunch I remember when we got glamour shots, the time I let her sister cut my hair and swimming in her pool. It made my heart happy to spend time… Continue reading

Vegan Thai Peanut Popsicles

Vegan Thai Peanut Popsicles Recipe // Dula Notes

It’s Popsicle Week! If you didn’t catch last year’s Popsicle Week, Billy dared to dream the dream and brought 26 bloggers together to make delicious frozen pops. This year has grown to 37 bloggers and that means 37 popsicle recipes for your summer! It’s warm in Michigan and quadruple testing this recipe was the best kind of summer research. I have a big freezer bag full of these and it makes me happy. Four batches means 40 popsicles and even though I’ve eaten so many, I still love them. And excellent news, each version was Taystee. Everyone loves thai peanut sauce,… Continue reading

Chocolate and Lemon-Pistachio Semifreddo

Chocolate and Lemon-Pistachio Semifreddo // Dula Notes

The long Memorial Day weekend was just what we needed. Our barbecue was a success  and it was really nice to have my parents stay with us for the weekend. Mom and I made cream puffs! Dad and I went on a 12 mile bike ride after eating cream puffs for breakfast! The weather was sunny,  breezy and just gorgeous. I also have a Memorial Day tip for you. If you live in a state that has bottle returns, do not return your bottles the day after Memorial Day. I thought I’d stop in at the grocery store and get… Continue reading

Almond Milk Bubble Tea Three Ways

Almond Milk Bubble Tea Three Ways // Dula Notes

Michigan has sunshine and (relatively) warm weather, let’s celebrate with bubble tea, ok? I really got into bubble tea last fall while visiting my friends in California. Not only does the East Bay area have gorgeous produce, delicious Mexican food and copious sunshine, they also have bubble tea shops everywhere. We had bubble tea every day of our trip. It was our thing. Well…after I told everybody, this should be our thing! You can imagine the hole in my heart when I came back to Michigan and found it hard to locate bubble tea. I did find one place nearby… Continue reading

Pineapple Peachy Green Smoothie

While in college, I would sometimes go to the big mall that was about 25 minutes from my parents’ house. That seems like nothing now, but we lived in a smallish city where everything was about 10 minutes away. I couldn’t always afford to buy something during those unpaid teaching assistant and full-time class load days, but I used to indulge in a pineapple peach smoothie at the big mall. I’d park on the upper parking deck, the entrance closest to that smoothie place. I could grab my smoothie and browse at the Gap around the corner or take the… Continue reading

Vegan Blueberry Lime Sherbet Popsicles

Like many of the bloggers that participated in popsicle week, I just couldn’t stop at one flavor. As I waited for my first pops to freeze, I was already thinking about the next kind I wanted to make. This variety is refreshing and the combination of blueberry, lime and a hint of vanilla is really, really good. I didn’t blend the mixture too much because I love that these pops have blueberry freckles. They’re really a breeze to make, too. I’m already planning on serving these (unless another popsicle recipe turns my head) at a barbecue I’m planning for when… Continue reading

Creamy Vegan Neapolitan Popsicles

Creamy Vegan Neopolitan Popsicles // Dula Notes

Get excited! It’s POPSICLE WEEK. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, Billy is an evil genius and soon will be your BFF. He’s brought together 26 food bloggers to make popsicles this week and you better believe it’s going to be good. To be honest, I almost didn’t join the party. These are my very first pops and I’m in a group of esteemed popsicle makers like Cindy, Megan, Billy and Tracy. Then I realized I needed a reason to buy the popsicle mold that all of the cool kids have. I knew I wanted my first pops to have layers because… Continue reading