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Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Recipe // Dula Notes

I am so happy that my plan to make ice cream coincided with our first 70 degree day. It was just meant to be. Of course I would have made it anyway, but I like that it turned out that way. Saturday was gorgeous and sunny. It ended up being a fine day to purchase a car, too. We finally feel like we’re getting good at buying a car. I really dislike the process. Especially the part where they know the lowest price they can offer, but you need to be a stern and confident and grown-up to get yourself… Continue reading

Raw Meyer Lemon Raspberry Dreamcake

Raw Meyer Lemon Raspberry Dreamcake Recipe // Dula Notes

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. The air is still cool in Michigan, but we’ve had lots of sunshine lately and it makes a world of difference as we wait for spring weather. I have wanted to make this vegan dreamcake since I first laid eyes on it. There’s just something about a layered dessert and especially one with a pretty pink layer naturally colored with raspberries. We had Easter dinner with friends and our hostess does not eat gluten or diary. I researched spring recipes for our dinner and then we divided the recipes between 3 of us.… Continue reading

A Breakfast Smoothie Habit and 5 Smoothie Recipes

Berry Mandarin Green Smoothie Recipe // Dula Notes

For Christmas, I received a Vitamix blender. I didn’t ask for it because it seemed too extravagant, but now I’m happy Marc bought it. Before I had terrible luck with blenders and then this high-speed blender walked into my life. I now make smoothies almost every morning. At first I worried about the cost of buying smoothie ingredients in addition to the cost of the blender, but I was surprised by how reasonably priced smoothies are to make at home. It certainly is at least half the cost of purchasing a smoothie or coffee drink at your favorite to-go places. I’m also… Continue reading

Quick Raw Brownies

I went to the grocery store this morning, but this time it was a little different. Marc is heading to SXSW for work on Thursday and I was shopping for anything my heart desired. He will no doubt eat his own body weight in food truck burritos and have a fantastic time in Austin. Meanwhile, I will be eating arugula salads, kale, soft-poached eggs, avocados smashed on toast, pancakes for one, a hunk of Humboldt Fog cheese and roasted sweet potatoes on everything. I’ll miss him terribly, but I’m stoked about the lady dinners I’ll eat in my pj’s while… Continue reading

Raw Vanilla Walnut Cookies

Raw Vanilla Walnut Cookies // Dula Notes

For a week now, I’ve been indulging in the treats of the season. It started with paczki on Fat Tuesday and then my valentine wined and dined me on Thursday at an authentic Italian spot with fresh pastas and the best seafood. On Saturday, I went to an Oscar movie marathon from 9 am to 10 pm. I packed healthy snacks in my little cooler, but still couldn’t resist sharing popcorn and other concession stand junk food with two of the best movie dates a girl could ask for: Meg, my fun future sister-in-law and Emily from Tar-Tryin’! Emily (who… Continue reading

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Recipe // Dula Notes

If you can believe it, this is my first time making vanilla bean ice cream. It’s about time, right? It also happens to be my husband’s favorite. Well, vanilla and Superman ice cream. I found out recently that Superman ice cream is originally from Michigan and is sometimes found around the midwest. I personally think Superman is gross, but I’m all about vanilla. I used to get a little nervous about making ice cream with eggs because I tried making a rum raisin recipe for our anniversary a few years ago (it reminds me of our honeymoon) that was extremely… Continue reading

Buttermilk and Roasted Strawberry Ice Cream with Homemade Creme Fraiche

Buttermilk and Roasted Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe // Dula Notes

   I used the bulk of my hand-picked strawberries to make old-fashioned strawberry pie, but I still had more red beauties to use. The roasted strawberry craze made me particularly impatient for strawberry season this year and it was time to try. Let me tell you, they do not disappoint. I took a taste after they had chilled a while and the deep berry flavor with a touch of salted maple syrup is delightful and complex. I impatiently waited to swirl them into this creamy buttermilk ice cream. If you are a fan of tart yogurt, I think this will… Continue reading

Coconut Milk Frozen Yogurt with Dark Chocolate and Toasted Almonds

Coconut Milk Frozen Yogurt Recipe // Dula Notes

Let me tell you a story about me and ice cream. At one time, I was lucky enough to live a short bike ride away from a tiny ice cream shop with cylinders of creamy, old-fashioned ice cream. A few more miles away was a gelato shop with metal tubs of Italian gelato with great flavors to try. Last summer, the nearby ice cream shop moved to the next city over and the gelato shop closed its doors. Taking pity on me, Marc purchased the Kitchen Aid ice cream maker attachment for me and I started making Tart Frozen Yogurt… Continue reading

Japanese Azuki Bean Ice Cream

Today, Dula Notes turns 3 and I just can’t believe it. Possibly like the way a mother cannot believe how quickly their sleepy bundle turns into an active toddler with a little personality. I started this blog on St. Patrick’s Day of all days and I was and still am, just a girl learning new things about her camera and the kitchen every day. Thank you for stopping by this little space and seeing what I’m up to. Your comments make me smile and blush and I appreciate every one of you. Your kindness  blows me away. I love you… Continue reading

Chocolate Ice Cream with Peanut Butter Swirls

Chocolate Ice Cream with Peanut Butter Swirls Recipe // Dula Notes

I thought our warm Michigan days were over, but last weekend was gorgeous and this week is starting off the same. We were out of town for a good friend’s wedding and we mostly packed the wrong things. The weather and the scenery just didn’t match up as I felt the heat of the sun while the bright orange and yellow leaves danced off of the trees. It was perfect, though, because we enjoyed several outdoor lunches among the unbeatable beauty of fall trees and downtown streets lined in colorful leaves. I feel this may be my last shot to… Continue reading