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Tart Frozen Yogurt

With dessert recipes, I am conscious of how much sugar I use and I’ve never explained where that comes from. Several years ago, I saw a television program on being aware of your “sugar quotient,” which is your tolerance for sugar. Over time, most people are simply used to super sugary sweets. As someone that used to eat brown sugar Pop Tarts for breakfast and hit the vending machines for animal crackers and Mountain Dew (Mom forbade the consumption of Dew in our home) as a college snack, this helped me to slow down and think about the food I… Continue reading

Detroit Medicine

Last week my stomach was not happy with me. For 2 days, I just did not feel right and I’m pretty sure I know why. We have been installing baseboard molding and it is the molding of my dreams. Contemporary, no frills and 5 1/2″ tall. We have been painting, cutting and sanding and I haven’t had much time to go to the grocery store or cook and we’ve had absolutely no desire to wash dishes (like we ever do). A few times we went the fast food route and on Tuesday and Wednesday my stomach and I were not… Continue reading