Chai Spice Carrot Cake

Chai Spice Carrot Cake Recipe // @nicoledula

First, thank you so much for all of the love on FB, Instagram, and here on the blog regarding the baby news! Thank you, thank you! I’ve been really fortunate and haven’t been sick at all. I have great energy in the morning and have kept up my boxing/strength training classes. At night I’m pretty much useless, but I’ve learned to be really productive in the morning before work. My food aversions are few. Surprisingly I have more of an aversion to actual cooking than to specific foods and when I do make something, I hardly want to eat it. Pregnancy is amazing and weird. I can’t eat mushrooms or too much garlic right now, but I just can’t get enough milk. Cereal and milk. I probably haven’t had a bowl of cereal in 10 years before I was pregnant and now I have 3 boxes at all times, ready to go. I marvel at the number of symptoms each person can experience, yet everyone has their own special set of symptoms. You know what goes great with a glass of cold milk? A piece of carrot cake.

I chai-spiced this carrot cake up for Easter dinner with friends this year. It still tastes like carrot cake, but there’s another layer of cozy spices for extra flavor. A little Greek yogurt adds more tanginess to the cream cheese frosting with vanilla bean for those of us that love to see those little specks (everyone).

Chai Spice Carrot Cake Recipe // @nicoledula

The other little trick here is that the cake is baked in a 9×13 pan, cooled and then cut in half to make a rectangular layer cake. It was the perfect size for our gathering, enough for some leftovers, but not too many leftovers.

Chai Spice Carrot Cake Recipe // @nicoledula

So grate those carrots like it’s your job, because it’s worth it! You can get out the scary disk attachment for your food processor like me (I use it so infrequently and forget how to use it and think it will fly off or something!) or grate them on a box grater. The resulting cake texture is dreamy.

Chai Spice Carrot Cake Recipe // @nicoledula

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  1. This cake sounds like a dream! Love the addition of greek yogurt in the icing.

    YES, carrot cake and a icy glass of milk is perfection. Pregnancy symptoms are so weird, I couldn’t do much garlic either. I bought a press just so I wouldn’t have to chop it!

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