Chive Blossom Vinegar

Kasey kindly alerted me to this gorgeous vinegar after she saw my spring snapshots. She always knows what’s up. I wasn’t planning on sharing my take on this vinegar because it isn’t much of a recipe and Tim of Lottie+Doof already did such a beautiful job on his post.

I took a quick picture of the process with my phone and then I could not stop. The fluffy purple chive blossoms against their linear chive stalks proved too tempting a subject. After several phone pictures, I grabbed my camera and took more pictures.

Originally, I planned to use the vinegar for vinaigrettes, but I have now used it with excellent results in two recipes that I think you will enjoy. If you have some chives sprouting at your home or access to chive blossoms  at the market, I recommend this beautiful infusion. In a few minutes you’ll have the prettiest vinegar ready to go and don’t be surprised if you start taking pictures in an uncontrollable fashion. Two ways to use it are coming right up!

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  1. I was definitely intrigued by this idea when I saw it on Lottie+Doof, and look forward to seeing how you incorporate the chive vinegar into your recipes.

  2. This is such a great idea! I’ve never thought to make my own vinegar, but this looks super simple and is beautiful. Definitely the perfect gift idea!

  3. Looks like that picture was taken on the freshly painted railing. I will share your idea with Bruce!

  4. Oh my gosh, Nicole!! Your photos are gorgeous! I wish I had access to chive blossoms!! Wonder what else you can make vinegar with…

  5. I totally have to find some chive blossoms. My potted garden chives have never given me those beautiful flowers (why not?), but I”m sure I could find them at the farmer’s market. Love flavoured vinegars and this one looks perfect.

    • Jeannette – Oh, no blossoms for you? I hope you can find some blossoms at your farmer’s market. I’d love to hear the unique ways you’ll use this!

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