Chocolate Ice Cream with Peanut Butter Swirls

I thought our warm Michigan days were over, but last weekend was gorgeous and this week is starting off the same. We were out of town for a good friend’s wedding and we mostly packed the wrong things. The weather and the scenery just didn’t match up as I felt the heat of the sun while the bright orange and yellow leaves danced off of the trees. It was perfect, though, because we enjoyed several outdoor lunches among the unbeatable beauty of fall trees and downtown streets lined in colorful leaves. I feel this may be my last shot to convince you that you need this ice cream.

Yes, this here is the chocolate ice cream I always wanted to make at home. The texture is so very creamy and the chocolate flavor mimics that of a fine bar of chocolate. The dark chocolate and cocoa are beautifully balanced with three kinds of milk.

I added peanut butter because I happen to like salty peanut butter swirls in my chocolate ice cream. The peanut butter swirl is optional, but I must tell you that the addition really blew my hair back. I hope it does the same for you.

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    • Nancy – I wish it wasn’t all gone! I could use some right now, too 🙂

      Kickpleat – You will love it. I think the natural peanut butter works perfectly in this application. Enjoy!!

  1. Matt and I were just in Ohio, where the weather was a balmy 80 yet the leaves were all sorts of glorious colors! I hope you’re enjoying this magical time. It’s so gorgeous out east…

  2. this weekend was perfect, I totally agree! Peanut butter swirled chocolate ice cream will always remind me of my grandfather, it’s one of my favorites!!

    • Cindy – The combo of chocolate and peanut butter is timeless. How lucky are you to have a precious memory attached, too!

      Stephanie – I’m totally hooked on homemade ice cream! This is my first attempt at rich, chocolate ice cream and I’m glad it was such a success.

  3. This looks deliciously good despite the dip in temperature for us these past couple days. I love a plain chocolate ice cream and I can only imagine how flavorful your homemade version ended up tasting. Is this your first time making it at home? Once you start, you can’t stop. Trust me! 🙂 It’s so much fun to make crazy combinations from scratch and it beats the store-bought variety by a landslide.

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