Chocolate Olive Oil Loaf Cake with Coconut Milk

Chocolate Olive Oil Loaf Cake with Coconut Milk Recipe // @nicoledula

I’m back from 4 days in Louisville, KY and 2 days in Nashville, TN! There was cotton candy, modern art, sorghum, Mint Juleps, antique shops, beer, paletas, peaches, hot chicken, smoked ham and bourbon. So much smoked ham and bourbon. Did you follow along on Instagram? I did a bunch of research on where to go and more importantly, what to eat and everything just seemed to fall into place perfectly. I’ll tell you more about that soon, but first, chocolate loaf cake!

I made this loaf cake, hoping for something big in chocolate flavor, moist from extra virgin olive oil and a little special with the addition of coconut milk. It’s dairy-free and can be made vegan by subbing in flax eggs for the eggs if you want. This loaf cake was suppose to be step one of a grander recipe, but that recipe kinda flopped and this loaf cake was so good that it deserves to be enjoyed on its own.

Chocolate Olive Oil Loaf Cake with Coconut Milk Recipe // @nicoledula

Below is an outtake of my recipe experiment that didn’t turn out quite right. I hope to fix that sometime soon, but the bunnies are cute, right?

Cut a thick slice and enjoy with some coffee or tea. Add a big dollop of whipped cream and seasonal fruit while you’re at it. I had leftover scraps from my failed bunny experiment and used them to make a trifle with vanilla bean whipped cream and berries. Marc took it to work for a potluck and the bowl came back clean. In bunny-form or no, this no-fuss chocolate loaf cake is great for anytime snacking.

Chocolate Olive Oil Loaf Cake with Coconut Milk Recipe // @nicoledula

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  1. Oh my goodness, this cake looks so delicious, Nicole! I love chocolate and olive oil together, and coconut sounds like the perfect addition. I want all those cake bunnies <3

    • Thanks, Cynthia! I don’t think I’ve had chocolate and olive oil together before this, but now I know the secret 🙂 Hopefully those cake bunnies will make a comeback, ha!

  2. I rec’d a bottle of chocolate olive oil for Christmas… I have no idea how to use it, so I thought, cake! I love the sound of your recipe and will give it a go! Thanks.

    • Yay, Erin! Sounds like a wonderful use for your gift! I’d also recommend dipping fresh-sliced bread in it and topping with flaky sea salt or over ice cream with flaky sea salt…mmmm.

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