Christmas Stollen 2014

German Christmas Stollen 2014 // @nicoledula

This recipe is one of the best parts about Christmas. It takes a bit of planning and a whole day of baking, but it’s the coziest food memory I have. My Oma used to bring foil-wrapped loaves of this traditional Christmas bread every year. This is the 6th year I’m making it and the 3rd year making it with my friend, Nancy. That’s why we call it the “Stollen Workshop” now. We split up the ingredients and we both get our mixers going.

Every year I think I have the recipe and technique perfected, but each year I write a few extra notes to make next year even better. This year I subbed in dried tart cherries instead of sweet cherries and we both enthusiastically approved of the small change. We also switched to a dough hook a bit sooner in the dough-making process and that worked well, too. The dough is dense and heavy with a pound of rum-soaked fruit and nuts per batch.

I haven’t made or eaten a single Christmas cookie (I know!) but hopefully that will change this week. At least I have 4 loaves of this beautiful bread to pass out to friends and family.

Wishing you the merriest of holidays, my friends!

German Christmas Stollen 2014 // @nicoledula

German Christmas Stollen 2014 // @nicoledula

German Christmas Stollen 2014 // @nicoledula

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  1. Childhood holiday memories are just the best aren’t they? This looks so perfectly christmassy and what a sweet tradition! Happy Christmas Nicole x

  2. Thanks so much for that wonderful recipe. My husband has memories of his Mom and Grandma making it every Christmas. I had not ever made it, but searched the net and tried your recipe first. It will definitely be a tradition now for us. I promised to make it for New Years as I did not find time before Christmas.

    • I’m so glad you found this recipe, Jan. I hope your husband loves it and it brings back lots of fond memories 🙂 Just the smell of it churning in the mixer makes me feel like a kid!

  3. I just baked my first loaves. I don’t know if I can wait several weeks!

    Question though. How long will the loaves last?
    Would loaves I made in mid November be ok to serve at Christmas?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Tom! The miracle of stollen is that it becomes more delicious with each day. You can try eating the stollen as soon as you like, but waiting for the loaves to cool completely is probably best before cutting your first slice. I make stollen the week before Christmas and we eat it for a few weeks afterward, but it’s usually gobbled up within the first 2 weeks. A friend of mine freezes her extra loaves, that’s an option for you, too. My Oma used to make stollen a month or so before Christmas, I just haven’t tested the theory. Unfortunately, she never wrote down her recipe, so this is my own take on it. I hope you enjoy it, Tom!

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