Coconut Lemongrass Mussels with Baby Bok Choy

It took way too long for me to get into mussels. I feel the same way about fancy mushrooms and oysters, too. When they are fresh, they need very little preparation to make them delicious. I love digging out the plump mussels and savoring the flavorful broth they bathe in. I enjoy the entire experience.

The first time I made mussels at home, I was really sick. I stayed home from work feeling just awful and then I had a sudden burst of energy and an itch to leave the house. I had made a grocery list a few days earlier with ingredients for white wine mussels and of all things, complicated baklava. Tired of sitting on the couch, I dragged myself to the market and picked up all I needed to make these two new dishes. I tinkered in the kitchen for a few hours and when the baklava was gorgeous and the mussels prepared, my body reminded me that I was really sick.

Marc walked in the door and was not expecting mussels and baklava for dinner based on the state he left me in that morning. We sat down to dinner and after taking my first bite, I realized I could not taste a thing. I could only detect temperature and slight sensations of sweet, salty and sour. I raised my fist in the air and cursed my situation. After dinner I passed out and paid the price for acting on my energy burst. I’ll never know how my first batch of mussels or baklava tasted.

Although I’ve had some delicious mussels in rich and creamy broth, I was yearning for something light and full of flavor. This recipe was just the thing. It’s incredibly aromatic with lemongrass, ginger, garlic and a hint of spice from the chile. The addition of coconut water is light and refreshing. A perfect meal as we transition into spring.

I cracked my first young coconut and it was easy once I got the hang of it. Thank goodness for tutorials on the internet! If you don’t want to take the time, substitute 1 C. of pure coconut water and just forgo the coconut flesh. I am certain it will still be delicious!

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  1. I must say these mussels were particularly plump and delicious. I’m also a big fan of bok choy and really liked it with the rest of the thai-style ingredients.

  2. I need to make this when Dan is out of town! He doesn’t do mussels – he thinks he’s allergic, but I don’t think he is. I’m not going to push to test the issue, even though I want to. I just love mussels so much!

    I am such a fan of Internet tutorials! I want to go get a coconut just to crack it open!

    • Emily – Oh man, I have the same conversation with Marc about chicken/turkey. He thinks he’s allergic and for a long time I doubted it, but he does seem to get hiccups when he eats it, hmmm. Thankfully he’s cool with vegetarian meals and seafood for variety. It was pretty fun cracking that puppy open!

  3. I love mussels (and clams) and how easy they are to prepare. Never would have thought to pair with bok choy though but I can imagine that it all works nicely. Yum, love the coconut milk too!

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