Concord Grape + Balsamic Shrub

Concord Grape + Balsamic Shrub Recipe // @nicoledula

My sister-in-law has a tangle of wild concord grapes growing along her fence and she asked if I wanted some. I couldn’t say yes fast enough. After our sister trip last weekend, I snipped a bag full of grapes to take home. They are so fragrant that I thought the bag she gave me had perfume on it. Did I accidentally forage?

Concord Grape + Balsamic Shrub Recipe // @nicoledula

Concord Grape + Balsamic Shrub Recipe // @nicoledula

I have wanted to make a shrub and I think Kimberley’s was the first recipe that got me excited about it. Just look at the color! I see that her post was back in 2011, whoa. Now 4 autumns later, I’m finally getting to it and let me encourage you to not wait that long. It’s actually really, really easy to make. Just wash those grapes and get some water and sugar cooking. In about 17 minutes, you’ll have the prettiest dark purple shrub.

Concord Grape + Balsamic Shrub Recipe // @nicoledula

Concord Grape + Balsamic Shrub Recipe // @nicoledula

Mix your shrub with club soda or sparkling water for a refreshing anytime drink. The color is SO PRETTY. And I made a cocktail with the shrub, too! That recipe is coming soon, so make that shrub and hold tight.

Concord Grape + Balsamic Shrub Recipe // @nicoledula

I did a little digging for concord grape recipes when Meg said I could have a bunch. I thought I’d share!

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Food 52/Crepes of Wrath – Concord Grape Muffins

Brooklyn Supper – A bunch here!

Food 52/Brooklyn Supper – 5 Concord Grape Dinners

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  1. Ha! “Did I accidentally forage?” Love it!

    This IS crazy easy — I’ve been so intimidated by shrubs that I haven’t even bothered to look at a recipe… you’ve made this easy for me. Thanks, Nicole! xo

  2. OMG, your sister is so lucky–we want to have grape vines all over our yard (when we someday get a house 😉 I have never heard of this shrub business but I want in! This looks divine!

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