Copper River Sockeye Salmon and Going for the Win

A waiter recommended Copper River Salmon to me  two years ago this month and I still haven’t forgotten the experience. There is an incredible richness to the flesh that makes this particular salmon completely different from all others. For those of you that may not know about it, this special salmon comes from the Copper River in Alaska and is only available for a few short months. They must travel 300 miles to spawn, which requires extra storage of omega-3 fatty acids for the journey. If you haven’t tried it, you really must.

We drove by Whole Foods and they had a big “Copper River Salmon is here!” sign out front. Marc and I were excited because we had honestly never thought to seek it out on our own. Duh. Then, Jen at Tiny Urban Kitchen blogged about a simple grilled preparation and it was on. If you do not have a grill, use your favorite method for cooking salmon. I’ve also included a link to an oven roasting method in the recipe.

Want to make a girl’s day?

Recently, I entered a contest on Making it Lovely. Nicole (another Nicole!) shares inspired home design tips and other goodies on her website and recently posted a fantastic giveaway. She is giving away 150,000 American Express points and a custom design for someone in need of a makeover for their social space. Out of all of the entries, amazingly, I’m one of 10 finalist! Pinch me! If you are so inclined, I’d love your vote. No need to register or log in, just click on Nicole at the end of the post. I’m a long-shot, but hey, we’re going for it! Voting ends June 17. Thank you!

Contest closed. I didn’t win, but it was fun to play anyway 🙂

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    • Rebecca – I am sorry to rub salt in the wound! This was our first grilled fish experience, because I’ve been a little afraid of having a flaky fish disaster.

    • Katie – Oh, Katie! I remember the poor college years, well. We still had a hard time coughing up the $19.99/pound, but it’s truly worth it. Any special occasions coming up to justify the purchase? 🙂

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