Creamy Ramp + Lemon Pasta

Creamy Ramp + Lemon Pasta Recipe // @nicoledula

My week was made when Shoko shared this link to what’s in Prince’s fridge. He had 5 pounds of DUNKAROOS in his fridge! #GOALS He also had Usinger’s braunschweiger, which I grew up eating on thick and hearty pumpernickel bread because my Oma was very German. I HAVE THINGS IN COMMON WITH PRINCE. I highly recommend the link.

Now let’s talk ramps. How are they so pretty?? I just can’t resist them in the spring, even though some people are over them. It’s the one time where the people of California are jealous of our midwest produce. I foraged these at our local Whole Foods.

In addition to their good looks, they really make a weeknight pasta dish shine. Many recipes only use the bulbs, but I like to use the greens, too. Simmered for a few minutes, both become silky and mingle perfectly with al dente pasta. Especially pasta with some cream, parmesan and a good sprinkle of fresh pepper.

Creamy Ramp + Lemon Pasta Recipe // @nicoledula


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