Creamy Rice Pudding with Strawberry Jam

Of all of the beautiful pictures and recipes in my Jamie at Home cookbook, this bowl of strawberry swirled rice pudding made the biggest impression. I love the rustic aesthetic of his photos in general, but this bowl of comfort was garnished with tiny wild strawberries and crushed meringue cookies. How can a girl resist?

This may look like the kind of sweet dessert that will make your teeth ache, but Jamie dialed down the sugar in both the jam and the pudding. Depending on how ripe your strawberries are, you may want to taste (carefully!) for your desired sweetness level. With both the jam and pudding lightly sweetened, the crushed cookie on top is a welcomed addition for both crunch and a touch more sweetness. When you go easy on the sugar, you can really taste the tart and sweet strawberries and both the vanilla and fresh milk in the pudding. Make sure to use the best quality ingredients because the taste of pure strawberries and cream is meant to be the star of the show.

Recipe: Creamy Rice Pudding with Strawberry Jam

  • I used shortbread cookie crumbs as my topping because I had just made a large batch for my boss’ birthday. She doesn’t like cake, but loves shortbread.  Note to self: Share fantastic shortbread cookie recipe with readers. It’s a keeper.
  • Please, don’t be afraid of the jam if you’ve never made it before. It’s a quick jam that only takes a bit of mashing and 20-30 minutes of cooking on the stove. You can do it!

Recipe adapted from Jamie Oliver

Serves 6 to 8


2 lbs. strawberries, hulled, washed and cut in half

1/2 C. sugar

Rice Pudding

5 C. organic whole milk

7 oz. medium-grain rice (I used an aged basmati)

2 T. vanilla sugar (or 2 T. of sugar mixed with 1 t. of vanilla extract)


2 oz. shortbread cookie crumbs (or meringues, crumbled to keep gluten-free)

a few pretty strawberries for serving

1. Put strawberries and sugar in a wide, stainless steel pot. Using a potato masher (or squeezing between your fingers) squish the strawberries into a chunky mixture. Cook strawberries over medium heat for 20 to 30 minutes, stirring frequently, especially for the last 15-20 minutes. The mixture will thicken, but it can be a bit loose since you will swirl it into your rice pudding. Taste for desired sweetness. If you soak a 1-quart mason jar and the lid in boiling water before using it as a container, you can keep any leftover jam in the fridge for a few weeks.

2. Place milk, rice and vanilla sugar in a wide, stainless pot. Bring to a medium simmer and put the lid on. Keep a close eye on it as milk tends to bubble up rather quickly. I was watching very closely, but still had some bubbling over. Be diligent! Cook for 20-30 minutes, until the rice is tender. If the pudding is too thick, you can thin it by adding more milk and I needed to. You want it to be creamy and oozy. Taste for desired sweetness.

3. To serve, divide warm rice pudding between your bowls and spoon a big dollop of strawberry jam over the top. Swirl the two together and sprinkle with cookie crumbs and reserved strawberries, if you like.

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  1. I recently cut a recipe out for something similar from Bon Appetit I think? I drool whenever I see the photo! This looks absolutely awesome 🙂

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