Creamy Vegan Neapolitan Popsicles

Creamy Vegan Neopolitan Popsicles // Dula Notes

Get excited! It’s POPSICLE WEEK. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, Billy is an evil genius and soon will be your BFF. He’s brought together 26 food bloggers to make popsicles this week and you better believe it’s going to be good. To be honest, I almost didn’t join the party. These are my very first pops and I’m in a group of esteemed popsicle makers like Cindy, Megan, Billy and Tracy.

Then I realized I needed a reason to buy the popsicle mold that all of the cool kids have. I knew I wanted my first pops to have layers because they are the prettiest. It’s a little more work, but I just had to. Several ideas came and went, but this vegan Neapolitan popsicle was the one that stayed with me.

Creamy Vegan Neopolitan Popsicles // Dula Notes

I like that these are vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free. Sometimes I think about kids with a gluten or dairy allergy and how ice cream must be a challenge. Life without ice cream and popsicles is just not ok.

I’ve now joined the popsicle club and it feels good. I want to hand one to anyone who comes over for the rest of my life. I’ll be the popsicle lady, which sounds way better than the cat lady. I hope that’s ok with everyone.

Check out Billy’s Popsicle Week link for more pretty popsicles and check out #popsicleweek on Twitter.

Creamy Vegan Neopolitan Popsicles // Dula Notes

I use this Progressive Popsicle Mold and love it. It’s an Amazon affiliate link that won’t cost you any more money, but I’ll get a little kickback if you use the link and that helps me run this little blog. Thanks for supporting Dula Notes!

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  1. So beautiful, and I love all the little touches you added like the lemon in the strawberry layer and the espresso in the chocolate. The world is a better place now that you have a popsicle mold.

  2. Oh wow they really are beautiful! Sounds worth the effort not just for appearance but also all those tempting flavors. We have vegan friends who just moved into the neighborhood so I’ve been on the lookout for treats and dinner party ideas. Definitely pinning this for our next get-together!

  3. These are so beautiful! It’s all I can do not to drop everything and make them right now. I mean, I can’t have a popsicle-less summer, right?

  4. I love the color palette here, in both the pops and the pics! And you have TOTALLY inspired me to make some cashew-creamy pops before summer is over!

    • They are dreamy creamy! It takes a bit longer for them to freeze, but you are rewarded with great texture!

    • Summer isn’t over until we say it is. Well, kind of 🙂 Popsicles keep it alive, though! Thanks, Nikki!

  5. I am clearly out of touch because I had no idea it was popsicle week but I LOVE the look of these! I’ve only made popsicles once this summer 🙁 Must change that immediately!

    • Ha, don’t feel bad. Popsicle week just kind of exploded out of Billy’s mind 🙂 These were my first pops, but I immediately made a second kind. Now I’m pretty jazzed about making popsicles forever! Thanks, friend!

  6. I had a bit of problem with the flavours. I found them to be a bit soapy. Could it be my coconut oil. The cashews? I used a food processor instead of a vitamix. I upped the chocolate flavour with an espresso. That layer was the best. I cut in some raspberry jam to give the strawberry a boost, but the vanilla I had trouble with improving. I might try next time the flavours but with a coconut yoghurt base. Any thoughts? I have not used the coconut oil before. It would definitely cut the calories!!

    • Hi there! I use Trader Joe’s organic virgin coconut oil and that’s all I’ve ever used, so it possibly is your coconut oil. My popsicles turned out really creamy, so the coconut oil seems like the most obvious culprit for your result. It’s also important to really blend the mixture until super creamy. If you’re not concerned about these being vegan, I’m sure coconut yogurt would be delicious and really easy to use. You can also use plain yogurt and sweeten the mixture with honey or maple syrup to taste. I might also use vanilla extract instead of vanilla bean in the yogurt. I hope you get some tasty popsicles!

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