CSA 2012: Week 13

CSA Week 13 // Dula Notes

We have had non-stop rain this week and our poor farm is doing their best with the weather conditions. I’m excited to see tomatillos and dill in our share! I’m thinking it’s roasted tomatillo salsa time this weekend. I’ll send Marc to our corner hardware store, which happens to have a huge snack section, for tortilla chips. He will be thrilled. He once asked who does the purchasing for the snack section so he could pay his compliments. He cracks me up.

Last night I made this recipe for roasted acorn squash with corn pudding. I had some leftover tortillas in the fridge, so I heated those up and we made these quirky acorn squash and eggy corn pudding tacos. They were pretty good!

I have a recipe coming up for how to use that delicata squash, too. I’ve really fallen hard for it, lately. Its creamy texture and rich flavor is fantastic. Look for the recipe on Tuesday!

Acorn squash, tomatillo, serrano peppers, tomatoes, dill and delicata squash.

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