CSA 2012: Week 7

With each week, I fall more in love with Michigan produce and specifically the great stuff we get in our Maple Creek Farm CSA. As I shucked the corn, I was so tempted by its pale yellow color and baby kernels that I couldn’t help taking a bite. My reward for being the keeper of the CSA produce was the joy of eating the fresh kernels right off of the cob without a bit of heat or butter.

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I am incredibly impressed with our CSA. They send Facebook updates letting us know what they are up to on the farm, which usually amounts to weeding, preparing the shares or praying for rain. They tweet updates and enlisted the help of food blogger, Julie, to update the blog.

Each week we get an update with what is in our share and recipe links associated with what is in that week’s share. I am completely blown away with their dedication to not only the stellar produce, but to the experience of each member.

Lettuce, zucchini, summer squash, Anaheim pepper, green peppers, green beans, corn, onion, tomatoes and thyme.

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