CSA 2013: Week 1

CSA 2013: Week 1 // Dula Notes

Our CSA with Raub Rae Farm just started and I received the most beautiful organic vegetables. This time around, I am picking up my CSA share at the farmers market and I enjoy getting my box directly from the hands that grew what’s inside. I also love the farmers market and missed the ritual of going during my last CSA. I used to pick up my share at another member’s home during the week and I wasn’t able to meet the people behind the farm. Our last CSA was still great, though, but that farm sadly ran into financial trouble and is no longer offering a CSA.

CSA 2013: Week 1 // Dula Notes

CSA 2013: Week 1 // Dula Notes

This week we received asparagus, Avicenna Butterhead lettuce, bare root spinach (with pretty purple roots!), mixed greens and French breakfast radishes.

Having super fresh vegetables after a long winter and cold spring is incredibly refreshing. Along with my single share box of produce, Yvonne handed me a sheet of paper explaining what was in my box plus a recipe, which I thought was really nice. I took their recommendation and ate my radishes on buttered bread with a little bit of sea salt. I’ve always wanted to try it and let me tell you, there’s a reason the French eat radishes this way. The bite from the radishes is undetectable while thinly sliced and scattered over fresh butter. The satisfying crunch is still very much there, though. Try this with your favorite bread and the freshest butter for a real treat.

We’ve had several delicious salads with easy vinaigrettes this week. The greens in this week’s share were beautiful and delicious. I even cleaned and chopped up those radish greens and added them to one of the salads. I used the asparagus to make an easy weeknight frittata that turned out fantastic. I loaded it up with lots of fresh chives and some chopped chive blossoms and a little sharp cheddar. I think I need to make it again and share the recipe with you.

Have you ever joined a CSA or thought about joining one?

CSA 2013: Week 1 // Dula Notes

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    • It’s sometimes challenging, but very inspiring. You are forced to really be creative and cook with things you’ve never picked up in the produce aisle before.

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